868 Dundas St E
Toronto, ON M4M

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Maria. I know nothing about this building or who you are but your insults hurled towards this Jennifer person and defensive stance make you and ur building look unprofessional and guilty. I wouldn't not rent because of her comment, however I would not rent based on yours.

TO JENNIFER KRIBA, WHO WROTE THE FIRST COMMENT - Just because you had your own issues does not mean that you should bash a landlord who would NEVER let bedbugs or rodents exist in his building.

This building has NO BEDBUGS and this woman posted this comment because she's immature and has nothing better to do with her day.

Please disregard her idiotic message. This building is quiet, safe, bug-free and has one of the best landlords in Toronto.

Any updates on this building? Was close to renting but seen the previous entry.

This building location has bedbugs and Mice. it's an older building on broad view and dundas right about the submarine food established. DO NOT RENT. the landlord's name is Elias and he's not a terrible human being but he is aware that there is a bed bug problem but refuses to have the entire building fumigated. Do not rent here. When ppl say don't judge a book by its cover, please do not follow this saying. With regards to this building, judge away. some units have been renovated to make it app

ear nicer than it really is. But do not get sucked into that like i did.

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