50 Carroll St
Toronto, ON M4M

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The second floor suite, likely occupied by the "hoarder" described in the previous report has recently been gutted. While the management claims there are no bedbugs in the building the infested mattresses sitting outside beside the dumpster prove otherwise.

My neighbors have all had bedbugs and did not deal with them properly and now the building is becoming infested. They moved in to my suite a month ago and I dealt with it swiftly. We are commercially zoned lofts so the owners of the building are not paying for my suite to be exterminated which has now run me almost a $1000 in expenses and I'm not done with the dry cleaning and laundering. I'm paying for it myself to buy some time to move, throwing out all of my furniture, cleaning everything a

nd moving. I just bought a new bed 3 months ago and I have to not take it with me to be safe. I live next door to a hoarder who had them and never cleaned or sprayed his suite...It's a total dump next door and that's probably where they came from. The other person across hall from him also had them 3 times and someone upstairs apparently did. My suite is on the second floor.

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