161 Coxwell Ave
Toronto, ON M4L

Found 2 reports:

There are BED BUGS in this building landlord gives sprays and that's all ... !! Why would he care he does not live in one of his units ! And they are toxic and really bad for your health ...

Anyways gave my notice and moving out ...... GOOD LUCK at this address, to many ppl moving in and out these days..Building needs to be taken care of by professional!!!

Sleep well and don't let the bed bugs bite !!!!

I arrived at this building. A week or so after moving in I noticed a couple of bed bugs on the curtains that were left behind from the old tennant. I discovered a whole bunch in all the nooks and crannys of the cupboards... I steamed everything and threw the curtains out. I have spoken to other tennants about it and some said that they to had some. The landlord refuses to beleive and does not want to deal with it é...

No nearby bug reports