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I don't know what apartment the people below are living in (probably reports written by the super or management company. I mean, really, who uses their first name on these things? Sammy, Susan and Victor eh? Now watch! A fake "good" report will follow this one, probably using a nickname now that I've tipped them off!)

I had bedbugs once, I was able to vacuum, mattress cover, and use powder and spray to get rid of them.

The cockroaches were out of control. And I'm a clean person. I tried ev

erything. Spray, boric acid gel, diatomaceous earth. It was like a horror movie. You go into the bathroom in the morning and end up killing 10. I would leave traps out overnight and find them completely full in the morning. I've since moved to a much nicer building and seen no bugs, other than the odd spider.

If living in a building with Luisa is like a sitcom, as Victor suggests below, then it's certainly not a very good one.

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I haved lived in this building for 9 years and have never had a bed bug, had the odd roach over the years but really negligible. Luisa, the super is the great and has been here for donkey years. she is very helpful and would never allow bugs to come into her building. I read one review where yes the tenants are always socializing in the lobby with Luisa, it's a real we take care and watch our building mentality.

I have lived here since 2013 and have no issue with bed bugs or any bugs for that matter. My apartment is kept spotless but have seen some dirty apartments in the building but heard nothing from other tenants regarding any pests. I have an issue being a social issue with a tenant on my floor who has since moved but other than that all
Is well

Yuck Bed bugs lived here since may 2014, not long but have never seen any bed bugs or any bugs for that matter. Luisa, is great the manager/super she's funny and takes care of the tenants ...some weird tenants but it all works, Luisa is always and seems to live on the lobby talking to tenants as they come and go..it's like television sitcom :) Had a few repair issues moving in but she took care of them pretty quickly, also had some fluctuation in temp in my apt but once had the bleeding air

removed it was fine thereafter.like the building and most the super

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We've lived here 1.5 years now. Here's what we've experienced:
1) Cockroaches like crazy. We would see at least 5-ish per week, usually in the bathroom but also in the hall closets, kitchen, and living room.
2) Bedbugs, for the first time ever in our lives. I ripped apart the room, killed about 20 within the initial few days. Bought a powder and put it underneath the bed and mattress, haven't seen anything since, and I check regularly. Problem with this powder is that it attracts cockroaches.

So we put down boric acid (Borax) and so far it has had a good effect on reducing the number of cockroaches, to the point we see them hardly ever now. When we do see them, they are VERY tiny. I'm planning on buying the boric acid gel to try to eliminate the problem completely.
3) Water is being turned off about once a week. It is always scheduled in advance so that tenants know, but it is still a pain to have to work our schedule around water being shut off, even on Saturday's.
4) Sheer and utter trashy people living here. The neighbours in my hallways will put their garbage bags in the hallway and leave them there for about a day, which can only breed more bugs and problems. This being said, people are trashy, but not dangerous or loud, so I don't care that much.

I know you must be thinking....why do we still live here? Our fear is that if we move to another apartment building, it will be the same problems all over again. Our other apartments had cockroaches, and bedbugs (although our bed was never infested until Cosburn). We're planning on saving for a while and getting a house, so for now the powder has kept the bed bugs away for six months, and the borax is effective in significantly reducing cockroaches. I will be getting the boric acid gel which most apartment buildings use to get rid of them (well...the NICE apartment buildings LOL!)

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I use to live here theyve gone through so many landlords. The management doesnt care about the roaches or up keep of building, no matter how many times you complain. I dont advise anyone to live here its so nasty. I was so happy when I moved. And luckily i never had any bedbugs in my unit.

We have been living here since April 2010 and this is a horrible building!! The super is very nice and the apartments are big and bright but those are the only good things i can say about this place. CRACKHEADS EVERYWHERE!!!!!! Disgusting dirty filthy people all throughout the building. We moved here because it was fairly cheap and we were just out of college but they keep raising the rent each year and for what??? so we can live in a bed bug infested hell hole?? so we can listen to people screa

ming their heads off and slamming doors at 3 in the morning?? so the fire alarms can go off atleast once a week because some crack head pulls the alarm?? Thank goodness our lease is up and we're getting out of here. Please don't move here!!! You will see piles of mattresses and couches outside the building because there are so many bedbugs that everyone has to throw out all their furniture. Have only ever seen one cockroach but tons of bedbugs and I know there are cockroaches in the building because other neighbours have them. This place should be condemned and all the tenants should get some sort of cash back for all the heartache we go through and all the furniture we've had to throw out.

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Cockroaches are the least of your concerns in 91 Cosburn Avenue.
Yes, they are rampant in this building, which is enough to gross anybody out....
But, take a look at the 10th, 8th, 6th, 4th, and 3rd floors. In fact, the whole west side of the building has BEDBUGS. They have been running down that side like water. The 8th floor is the epicenter due to a hoarder / crackhead who keeps on bringing in more and more infested items from the garbage.
Spray the [email protected]#* out of your unit and hallway. They

are coming if they arent already in your vicinity.
Did you see the notes that were placed on every floor about the infestation? Somebody is trying to organize something, but no one is taking this problem as seriously as they should.
Sucks to be poor and having to live amongst this filth.
The super is a very nice lady, but unfortunately this situation and the solution arent in her hands to deal with. The actual building management (AKA Leslie) wont return your phone calls, and Debbie the receptionist is a very RUDE IGNORANT DITCH PIG.
Good luck to all of you.
I suggest you call public health like we have.

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THERE ARE MILLIONS OF ROACHES ITS DISGUSTING, and if you step not some of the crack-head tenants apartments youd realize why they wouldnt choose anyother buildng to live in. The super is a very nice lady and more than fair and of course ppl think she can do something about this ..NO its the landlord who can and he doesnt care ... SPRAYING ONE APARTMENT doesnt help, you have to spray the whole building... So who ever said the sprayed the whole bulding well let me tell YOU ...he missed my whole fl

ooor along with other ppls ..Ive wanted to gather everyone in the bulding and write a letter to the city , but unfortunatly this bulding is worse than a highschool, we need to stick together we are paying rent to live in an infested building !!!!

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I moved in to this building in April 2010, we discovered mass amounts of bed bugs around August, we notified the landlord who was very quick with responding. They gave us a spray to use around our baseboards and everything until the pest control people could get there. It was only a couple days later when the pest control people came and they sprayed the entire building and they did a really great job. I haven't seen a bug since that day. Other than that incident there has been no siting of any

bed bugs or roaches EVER and it is a very nice clean well kept building which I plan on living in for quite some time.

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on the apt 1002/ @91 Cosburn there was bedbug.


I'd be interested in talking to you about your experiences with bugs, and with your landlord, for a community newspaper.

If you'd be willing, please e-mail me at notwhoyouthinkiam at rogers dot com.

I moved into 91 Cosburn ave in winter 2008. I live on 6 floors and I’ve got bugs, discovered them after 3 months. I have informed the management but they didn’t do a damn thing!! I have to get rid of most of my staff and bought new mattress pillows and covered them with plastic and zip closed. I have been surfing almost a year. now thanks god my lease is just expired and I will be moving out soon.

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