80 Danforth Ave
Toronto, ON M4K

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I live here since 2013. I am sandwiched between two apts infested with these bed bugs and exhausted with vac constansly. Management. Turns blind eye to clean people & choose to preach abt rights. Give me a break. Either clean ur mess & maintain apt to standards(as lease requires) or go somewahere else and take ur bed bugs with you. Home care for elderly is a joke. They go fr apt to apt carrying bugs fr apt to apt. Plus street people visit some elderly and deposit bed bugs. Don't complain cuz coo

rdinator wl tell u abt tenat rights. Wow. What abt rights of tenants who are vigilant abt getting rid of these bllod suckers? Hey coordinator?? U can go home after ur shift but the bed bugs are still migrating fr apt to apt. Maybe when they migrate to u fr ur exposure within this bldg u wl get it..dah1 u and all staff here kno what's going on with pests but choose play 'dumb' get off the potty. Clean up this bldg. Home care wrks r a joke as well. Cheryl..turn ur music down in prkg lot.stop listen to gossip fr the lobby hangouts. Assign wrkss to do a proper job for those in need. Btw u r using a unit that shd be living unit for those inn need. Yah

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My dad lives here and has had bed bug infestations over the last few years. I have had to throw out 2 mattresses. Problem is that the city who maintains this building does not have a policy to fumigate the entire building so the problem will continue.

Sad as this is true for many of the Toronto Housing buildings which are inhabited by older, low income people.

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