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well they have advertised units for rent on view it why would they want to rent out units if problem of bed bugs exist,this to me is very irresponsible...
these bugs can ruin peoples live not to mention collateral damage...MONEY! out of pocket expenses....

In response to NOT getting Bugged - maybe check with the tenants that currently live there? This property is now managed by Greewin and they are a huge corporation that manages many apartments in Toronto.

Hello it's October 2012 and I was thinking of checking out this place.
has there been any sightings recently?

Hello it's October 2012 and I was thinking of checking out this place.
has there been any sightings recently?

someoen told me that after one year beb bugs are still there, I don;t know how people could live in the building, I hear that Transglobe people are jerks and make tenents live in really bad situations, I would not rent for them every, if you want to be treated good stay away from transglobe.

someoen told me that after one year beb bugs are still there, I don;t know how people could live in the building, I hear that Transglobe people are jerks and make tenents live in really bad situations, I would not rent for them every, if you want to be treated good stay away from transglobe.


Can anyone update us on what's going on? I'm a tenant in this building and am curious as to weather they have been eradicated, or are they still present?

Your lucky that Transglobe sprayed the entire building because we've had bed bugs since last summer and my neighbor 2 floors down just got them and if it wasn't for her informing the other tenants we would of never known until they spread to the other units. She moved out 3 days ago after losing her furniture and spending $4000 of her own money for extermination because TG were dragging their feet to address the problem and are trying to get money out of her now by saying they have no records o

f receiving a rent deposit from her when she was a tenant long before they bought our building. Spraying one unit at a time only spreads the infestation because they live in the walls and travel through the electrical. The only way to treat an infestation is to spray the entire building.
Transglobe is considered one of the worst slum lords in Canada and I've seen them try to extort money from tenants when it's their own negligible poor bookkeeping and corrupt practices. Your building is one of the better TG stories because you made these bastards accountable. Our super just denies that there are bed bugs and that tthe tenant is lying and imagining things.

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Although I agree that more notice from the management company would have been nice (I for one had to take the day off work yesterday, losing very valuable time), I am very grateful that they have stepped up to the plate and have involved several companies in dealing with the problem (from Magical Pest Control, to the clean-up crew dealing with "ground zero").

I have not seen activity myself in over 3 weeks, and had no problems in complying with the second "safety" spray. I am also happy to s

ay that MOST of my neighbours have banded together and helped each other through this very tramatic experience.

I also agree that whoever has decided this is the correct forum to bad-mouth the superinendant of this building should shake his/her head. If you have a problem with him, be mature enough to speak to him yourself. Many of us agree that this has been just as hard on him as it has been on us, and he has handled this professionally and with discretion.

I find it interesting that those with the loudest complaints are tenants who have not yet even seen a bug, nor been sprayed as many times as others closer to the source. Those of us who have been living with these vermin, and have been BITTEN have far more right to complain, but we have chosen to take the high road and work with management instead of making them our enemy.

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June 2, 2010 - although I think the management was initially not very forthcoming and was in fact trying to hide the problem, they seem to be on top of it now. I think they are spending the money to take care of the spraying, but they should try to work with the tenants more. For example, coordinate the spraying with enough notice for tenants to work with them and make it more effective. Instead, they more or less sprang it on people, many of whom had no idea that this problem even existed.

I just hope that it wasn't too late for the problem to spread further. Myself I haven't seen any traces of the bugs, however my daughter just woke up with about 9 red marks on her chest. I can't find any evidence of bed bugs in my apartment or the beds, so I am hoping it may be something else. They are spraying my unit for a second time and management was immediately responsive. Keep your fingers crossed...otherwise it is more widespread than originally thought.

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June 2, 2010 --3 weeks after the initial outbreak management finally treated the entire building, and 3 weeks later, the infestation seems to have been eradicated (for now). The infestion seemed to take only 2 days to travel from one apartment to the next 2 or 3. All would agree building management failed at communicating to us tenants in a timely fashion, but eventually they did the right thing. Thank you to the one gal who galvanized us all to speak as one voice, which I have no doubt influe

nced mgmt. to treat the entire building.

I am appalled, however, to see this forum used to smear the super's reputation as he was as traumatized as the rest of us (and I wholeheartedly disagree with the author). This isn't the right forum for that and only reflects poorly on the authors. Smarten up.

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It is not surprising that this unprofessional treatment to the tenants is happening.
The superintendant himself is well known to the tenants as a miserable person who tries to intimidate his neighbors on a regular basis.
It is incorrigible that any building corporation would allow a person of this caliber to continue to be a representative and reflects poorly on the Corporation.
It would not be surprising if this infestation has manifested from the lack of attention it should have received f

rom the beginning and was clearly exnored by all management involved.
TransGlobal should investigate this siutation a lot more closely to help alleviate losing more tenants.

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I am also a tenant at 65 hillside.

Yes, this is all true that the mgmt company tried to hide this from everyone and then pretended to just want to be proactive about bed bugs. I found out about this problem thanks to a tenant going to door to door to warn everyone and to invite everyone to a tenant meeting. I do not appreciate the mgmt compnay's sly and unprofessional way of dealing with this problem. I am another tenant that is now moving out. So, I do hope for many years to go that they

have trouble renting apartments at casa bed bug aka 65 hillside. I am beyond furious with them!!

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Dear "Anonymous"

Pls refer to quotes from Transglobe letter to tenants posted in one of the comments below.
They still would not admit in writing the bedbugs were even here.

The building was sprayed almost 3 WEEKS AFTER these bugs ran to the adjoining units after their first "stealth" spraying of only one unit. So where are you pulling 3 days from?

It's only been a week since the "action" .Maybe we should see if the spraying has actually worked before you tell people to discount our e


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Take comments with a grain of salt. problem action ed in 3 days be thankful most apartments are not even looked after.

I'm a tenant in this building and i got bed bugs as well. I'm furious furious with TRANSGLOBE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. I find it inexcusable that they were aware of the problem yet failed to inform any of the tenants. Furthermore, the below mentioned notice that was sent out by the property management makes it seem as thought they were taking preventative measures when infact the reason the letter was sent out was due to complaints from tenants. I will be moving out asap and i will be suing this pro

perty management for any loss that i incur due to their negligence.

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AFTER tenants already met among themselves to discuss the bed-bug issue, property management finally sent out a notice of unit inspection.

"As you may be aware the existence of bed bugs is on the rise in North America... ...In an effort to be proactive and ensure that these tiny pests are not made welcome in our property, we have decided to conduct periodic unit by unit inspections."

Property Management still does not admit that the bugs are already here and that they've already sprayed f

or them without telling any of us, or that the bugs then moved into the adjacent units after the spraying...

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There are at least 6 known units infested at 65 Hillside drive at the moment.
I'm moving because of this.

According to a reliable source there is a severe infestation on the third floor of this building which has now spread to several units on the fourth floor. Transglobe Property Management representatives were reluctant to offer any extermination service until a tenant escalated the issue to senior management. The units have been sprayed however there are still signs of infestation.

Lets hope management resolves this issue before the infestation spreads further.

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