60 Gowan Ave
Toronto, ON M4K

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The Super the so called Suzie is an east eropean bitch and her people run drugs, human trafficking, welfare fraud, voyerisum. Canadians are not welcome. The human are the the vemin. Euro Trash - scum of the eart

Is there any reports lately about bed bugs?
Am thinking of renting in this building and want to know.

I live in this building and we have had a huge infestation of bed bugs lately....There were about 12 mattresses and a couple of couches....I complained and left messages with the supers to get rid of them but they sat there for 3 weeks...I finally called the city inspector to investigate...the next day they were all picked up....DO NOT RENT IN THIS BUILDING!!!!!

Our building and the area all around us has had a bed bug problem for sometime. We have been seeing beds and sofas you name it put out for the garbage every where you walk. We got bed bugs mind you a small infestation as we found them early as i'm really allergic to them. The super of the building made us talk to her right out in the lobby where everyone could hear. We told her that my thoat closed which was a close call which she didn't care. She made it out to be all our fault. She told us tha

t we would have to get rid of everything we owned and then buy a professional steamer and steam everything from floors, walls, ceilings you name it. At which point she would think about getting someone in to do something. I was able to borrow a professional steam cleaner and we steamed everything but of course didn't throw out everything we owned. After calling the head office and having them admit that the building has been having a problem for some time as well as the buildings around us. They made her book treatment for us and we have now got treated 2 times. As the super is trying to shame people out of getting treated we are worried that treatment will not last and that we will get them again. They told us that they would not treat us again. The super has not said sorry for how she has treated us or for her lack of value on my life. We are planning to move from this place as soon as we can get the money together. There are so many problems in this building. Do not move into this building.

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