50 Cosburn Ave
Toronto, ON M4K

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As a reply to the first report "(NO COCKROACHES OR OTHER INFESTATIONS)" this is not true. I am a new tenant at 50 cosburn as of Sept 2012 and we just recently noticed cockroaches and are noticing more and more everyday! The super had pest control come in about a week ago and put down gel. Since then I have been seeing MORE! I am freaking out. It is soo common for all these apartment buildings in this are to be infested.

We got bed bugs here 2 years ago, which were coming through the outside facing wall. We got rid of on our own August-Sept of 2010. We informed the super and she did nothing, so we went through every piece of furniture and object we had and killed all the tiny almost invisible bugs we could see(baby ones are colourless and like 1mm in size). Washed all our clothes, sheets, curtains in hot water, vacuumed, used power steamer on everything and threw away things we could not wipe every angle of. Put

things into sealed bags..etc. We also bought mattress protectors and covered the apartment with diatomaceous earth(sp). The cold weather kept them at bay. but the second the weather was warm again in the spring of 2011 they came back. The super finally had pest management come in, but after many many months of internet research, I actually knew more than the 2 chumps they had come in. These guys didn't even know what they were looking for and tried to explain to me that they are only in beds and are way bigger than what I was showing them. They were so sure to write off that they were bedbugs, that it seemed fishy. Another tenant told me they were definitely bedbugs and to catch some and bring them to health canada to identify. I did this, but they never got back to me. The whole area is infested and we see uncovered mattresses in front of every building. We convinced them to spray twice during the summer of 2011 which kept them away for a while. Well it's now august 2012 and they are back again.. surprise surprise. Just by the heaters of the outside wall.. same hiding place as before. I just don't know what to do, thinking strongly about moving, but I will see what this new super will do. BTW this building is full of old people who are not likely internet savvy enough to find this registry and fill out a report, but I know others in the building have had them based on all the new looking mattresses I see the curbside. If you are looking to move to this area, LET THIS BE A WARNING of what you are moving into. (no cockroaches or other infestation problems tho!!)

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Found 4 bed bugs on bed 1 day and the next found 2 more. Have been sprayed once only to find out we were miss informed on what to do. Getting mixed messages from The print out's, from building supers. Following what the government web site said to do. Threw out our bed, put lots of cuts and spray painted bed bugs on both the matress and boxspring. Put it into large plastic bags. An hour or so later someone took it out of the garbage. I'm hearing of at least 3 other units that are rumored to have


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