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2015 and STILL bedbugs?? that's so ridiculous. I lived in these buildings 8 years ago and the problem was there at that time. Management was rude and wouldn't inform tenants OR spray properly. It was a nightmare and a bunch of us simply moved. They DO NOT maintain their elevators or paint their hallways....such a shame.

This registry scared me a bit when I first applied for this place but I live on the 9th floor and my apartment is fully renovated, everything is new, no bugs, the place is beautiful, people are nice and the rent is quite reasonable. Also, the location is awesome.

I lived in this bldg 25 yrs ago and it was a shit hole even back then: cockroaches and tiny brown ants everywhere. It was disgusting. But the rent was inexpensive (-;

I was doing laundry, and as I was cleaning the lint out of the dryer. I noticed a bedbug. This building has bedbugs.

Truly shocking that all these years later your building (my old building ) has STILL not gotten a grip on this situation. WESTDALE is a total failure at running this buidling.

'50' is 'alive', loaded and flowing with them.

if you do move here seal the space between the baseboards and floors. we had them when we arrived, sealed that space with the stuff to seal your tub and had no more problems. its a great place other thn that so if u can prevent it do it!!

I woke up this morning with my lower back covered with small red bites. The management says they want a bedbug sample. I brought them a piece they said it is not a bedbug. I am really upset. Westdale Properties is a really shitty management. For your own sake, don't rent an appartment there. I am following up with the management.They say they need a proof and do treatments case by case only.

July 2012

I have lived in 50 Cambridge since September 2011, and have since found out that three other tenants on my floor have had a bed bug problem. My unit was inspected last week (since the unit below me was found to have a bed bug infestation), and one live bed bug was found in my apartment. I am very upset because I was not informed that this was an issue in units in close proximity to me, and I did not know where and for what I needed to be inspecting for as a precautionary measure in

my apartment.

I have found numerous swollen bites over my body, in addition to a rash on my dog's belly. My apartment received it's first treatment today, and the preparation was nothing short of a nightmare. I have a small unit, and it still took me over 6 hours to clear all of my shelves, throw out my furniture, move everything into bags and put all of my clothing threw the laundry. I realize that bed bugs are a large health concern in the city of Toronto right now, but if I have to buy new furniture, I will not put it back into this high rise building that clearly has been unable to prevent them from spreading between units. I plan to move out as soon as possible.

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This building has unfortunately deteriorated over the years and it is now very very dingy inside - the hallways are falling apart, horrible odor coming from the garbage disposal, BED BUGS, ANTS.. There's nothing good about this place except the rent and location.

Please also keep in mind that low rent is not always a good thing.. there's a lot of folks who live at 50 Cambridge who are odd characters t say the least. Pay a bit more and go somewhere cleaner that is bed bug free!

100% do not move into this building. While the rent is very fair and the units have a lovely open concept, the bed bugs have moved in and made themselves cozy.
They travel through the baseboards from unit to unit. Everyday I would vaccum and steam my baseboards (exactly what I wanted to be doing after work everyday). After spraying the place twice those little buggers just didnt quit. Had to throw out my couch and get out of there.
You will have a hard time finding a place in Toronto that hasn

't experienced bed bugs in some way, but this building just cant shake them unfortunately.

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I'm not exaggerating when I say this -- DON'T MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING. Bed bugs are not on the same calibre of other insect pests... they are formidable creatures that feed off your body when you sleep. They cause huge welts that last for weeks which are raw, sore and incredibly itchy. They hide in your furniture and multiple daily. In a matter of weeks they multiple in the hundreds. If you consider moving here after reading this you're a glutton for punishment. I've moved out of the building bu

t I'm still paranoid to this day and inspect my bed before sleeping... my experience at 50 Cambridge was truly a nightmare.

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Hi - I'm considering moving into 50 Cambridge Ave. Is the bedbug problem on the upper floors ongoing?

Went to a service call at 70 Cambridge. The guy had all his stuff wrapped in plastic, and he toldne everyone around him has had them. I hate this city.

We have just found more bedbugs tonight (Dec 10th). One was on our couch, and one on our bed, to go along with 2 we found on separate occasions in our bathtub. We have had the unit sprayed, and now are living in constant paranoia. My girlfriend has been bitten dozens of times all over her body, and yet inspections have turned up "no sign of bed bugs."

We'll now have to schedule another spray.. and spend another 6 hours or so packing up our entire apartment and disrupting our lives once again



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My Boyfriend and I got approved to move in to 50 Cambridge in August. Soon after signing the lease I stumbled upon this website and was terrified of moving in all new furniture and having to deal with bedbugs. I looked around at other buildings and soon realized well maybe I can`t avoid it, you just never know when you can get them.... So we moved in... Before we moved Tony had a company come into our apartment to do a precautionary spray, which was simply dust around the baseboards... Within t

he first few weeks of moving in, we had to move all our furniture out from the walls for an inspection because someone around us had bed bugs. We havent had any signs of bedbugs in our bedroom or living room but last week we found one loan soul in the bathtub. We told Tony the very next morning and he had the company come in the next day to spray.

*Side note: Since I knew what the inspector looked like, I have run into him and Tony on the elevator atleast once a week. When they came to spray our apartment we asked to be sprayed later in the day and they told us they can put us at the end of the list to get our place sprayed.

They sprayed, and today we found another in the tub. Tony said when they spray you usually see them come out the next few weeks. And we will have to re-spray again in 3 weeks.

Does anyone really understand the enormity of having to prepare for a spray ? Every single thing you own, clothing, blankets, sheets, shoes need to be put in plastic bags and put somewhere. All cleaning supplies and all things in closets need to be bagged and removed. All clothing in dressers need to be bagged and removed, and drawers removed. All dishes need to be washed put away all stuff out on the counter need to be in cupboards. All outlets need to be unscrewed. Everything needs to be pushed into the center of the room, mattress up on the floor. It took us over 6 hours to do this! and then another 3-4 hours to put everything back together. In 3 months we have essentially will have moved 3 times when this is all over. And I consider ourselves to be the lucky ones, so far we haven't had to throw out any furniture *fingers crossed* but the first month we moved, there was at least 10 mattresses in the dumpster. There are less now...

Although I am not happy about the bugs, I can not bash management so far. They have really been on top of things, and have been very friendly since we moved in. I don`t understand why they are in our bathtub but I hope we can fix this problem before it spreads, I am nervous to turn on the heat for the winter...

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it looks as though most of the upper floors are infested or have had infestation issues - floor 10 and above. ive heard problems on the 10th the 12th, the 17th , the 18th , 21.. thats just what i know of.

do not move here. i currently live here and im saving to move in the spring. this place is filthy - the exterior landscaping etc look nice, inside is another story.

Hi I'm planning to move in this building within a month. Could you please tell me on which floor were/is your affected apt ? Thanks a lot.

We had to leave this building last may due to bed bug infestation. We had to leave our apartment, board our cat and stay at a hotel for 2 nights. We had heard that the building was getting infested and later on found that our unit was included in this infestation. It took them a week to come "spray". Even after we found bugs. We sprayed ourselves and it seemed effective, but a month later they (the bugs) were back. DO NOT move here! Instead of spraying the entire building they treat every unit a

s the complaints come in. This doesn't work. We had to get rid of all our furniture. When we inquired about compensation, we were told no, it was our choice to leave the unit... I don't know about management but I for one do not consider sleeping in an infested unit as acceptable living conditions. Especially after how much we were paying to live there.

We have since moved to another building in the neighborhood and are paying A LOT less for a bigger apartment.... not to mention BUG FREE

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Def not worth it. A lot of people are moving out because of bed bugs, so chances are, the Unit you got approved for, probably had or has bed bugs.

Just yesterday I went in the dumpsters at the back of the building and i saw COUNTLESS of mattresses, futons and couches (some wrapped in plastic) with BED BUGS written on them.

Dont listen to management either - they will tell you there's nothing wrong with the building, or that the situation is under control, or "isolated". this is a lie. I re

commend you look at another property. I am saving in order to move out of this sh*thole.

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My fiancé and I have been approved for a unit on the second floor for October 1st. With the recent report spike we are starting to get a little worried.

I have a friend who's been in the building for around 2yrs and she hasn't had a issue.

What floors are the worst? Is this building worth the price?

I have lived at 50 Cambridge for years. I moved out of a unit on a lower floor to a unit on a higher floor to escape both cockroaches and bedbugs. However, unfortunately, my unit has been infested again this past summer three different times. To save your sanity, DO NOT LIVE HERE. The building is old and decrepit and management seems to only care about the exterior of the building (landscaping, grass cutting, etc.). The interior is a disaster - there are loose electrical plugs in hallways, grafe

tti on walls, painting that desperately needs to be done, dirty carpets, and perpetually broken elevators. It is not the fault of the individuals who work behind the desks in the front office, so please leave them out of it -this is a managment issue.
Again, save yourself the heartache and look elsewhere. I am finally moving and I can't wait.

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This building is bed bug ridden!!! I really wanted to stay at 50 Cambridge but after the 4th time (within a year) my unit was sprayed I had enough and moved out. Here is the problem. The bed bugs travel through the open air vents and plumbing which unfortunately connects to each unit. During the summer when the heat is switched off the bugs migrate and a population spike happens. You'll notice that the amount of furniture thrown away and bed bug notices increases during this time. I'm thankful I

moved out this past July and truly feel awful for those who are dealing with it -- especially the seniors who can't effectively take care of the situation themselves. I wouldn't count on the spraying (preventative or full treatment) as it'll only get rid of the exposed bugs in your unit. The real problem are the bugs hiding in the foundation and air vents. I repeatedly told management about this and even provided photographic evident! I sealed my vents with clear masking tape and after a few days an adult bug and nymph was stuck to it. Sadly, management didn't really look into the issue and sent pest control to spray my unit. I would save your sanity, time, emotional stress and furniture by moving out. If management really had control of the situation why don't they comment on these recent posts and provide much needed assurance and up to the minute information?

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Alex -

im a tenant here and i recommend you look somewhere else. They have not been forthcoming with the bed bug situation, and Management will just tell you that the "situation is under control", and clearly it is not.

I recommend you go on viewit . ca to check other apartments in the same location. I'm told apartments across from Loblaws are not bad.



Just yesterday I submitted an application for lease for 50 Cambridge, and this morning I read this site. It's a shame because the building looked good and good location (though the apartment was noisy). I'm applying for a bachelor apartment on 14th floor. Can anyone tell me about this floor?

The maangement kept telling me that there are three people seeing the apartment. The guy who showed me the apartment (Tony ?) seemed a little... distracted.

Can anyone recommend another bui

lding in the area, or in The Danforth?

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I agree that this building is now crap and it now has a bad reputation too. I still live here and i'm now embarrassed to have people come over; smelly and rundown hallways are only part of the problem at 50 Cambridge.

According to Management, the situation is under control. Yet, just the other day I saw a woman coming out of the elevator carrying a futon mattress (UNWRAPPED), and stated that yes, she had bedbugs after I asked her. This is quite alarming to me. I can actually see that some pe

ople have wrapped mattresses out on their balconies too. I can only guess that the bed bug situation is far worse than they tell us.

Just like the previous post says, the outside of the building is well taken care of, but the inside is deteriorating as the years go by. I will be moving out this year.

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I moved out of building 50 last December 2009. At that time, there was a problem in the building and Tony had just taken over from the horrible previous people in the office (anyone remember Maria??)

I feel sorry for all of you people going through what you are. The buildings themselves were at one time very beautiful. But Westdale is not interested in maintaining anything except their pretty little gardens outside. Forget about painting the deteriorating hallways; maintaining the upkeep

on the elevators - or god forbid, effectively dealing with the bed bugs.

Simple communications could stop the spread - but they refuse. I'm sorry for everyone in there dealing with that.

Trust me - outside of your building - there are actually good, clean places in this city - with management companies who REFUSE to let bed bugs run their buildings.

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To Sally and to Stressed -

which floor do you guys live on? upper..lower? Im a tenant in one of the lower floors, and this is making me nervous.


For anyone who thinks that the management at 50 and 70 Cambridge have a handle on this situation is sorely mistaken. They do not have the bed bug situation under control, and it doesn't help that they are not enforcing the tenants to take action themselves. The bugs are just spreading from suite to suite, and I really believe that many people have them, and don't even know it.

About 4 months ago I got a preventative spray done in my apartment because the apartment below me had b

ed bugs. I found a full grown bug a few days after that spray, and when I went to talk to Tony Tong (the person who is taking care of the situation), he said that sometimes after a spray the bugs are stirred about, but to monitor the situation. When I asked if a full spray was necessary, he said no. This is where I failed. I should have insisted on a full spray, but I just trusted what he was saying to me. Tony should NOT be giving people a choice, even with a preventative spray.

I didn't find anymore large bugs, but fast forward to Monday Aug. 1st, when I found a newly hatched bed bug on my top sheet, and after an inspection of my bed, I found many more that were newly hatched, and had to throw away my bed. Even this time when I went to talk to Tony he said that it was "recommended" that I get sprayed.

Mattresses and furniture are also not being disposed of properly. There isn't even a sign letting people know that bed bugs are in these items. I also brought this up with Tony and he said that someone goes out everyday to check to see what's not disposed of properly, but it was 3 days before the items were wrapped properly.

If anyone is reading this thinking about moving here, stay away! Bed bugs aside, this building has many other problems. There are ants in the walls. I had problems with them in 3 different areas of my apartment. There are cockroaches, and I do not feel safe in this building, since having my car broken into.

This was my last straw. I am hoping to be out by the end of the year.

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Well I have been inspecting my suite daily and since reports of BEDBUGS on my floor from Management, I,ve been lucky up til today. It seems even daily monitoring can really spare you.
I informed the management team, they booked an appointment to be sprayed. Starting to do and big laundry and on the balcony it will stay... as the place will be done again in 18 - 20 days. Wish me luck...

just spotted mattresses outside one of which is wrapped in plastic so im guessing there are still a few floors with bed bugs.

I am considering moving here if people aren't having problems anymore. Could someone please update this page as to whether or not there is still a bed bug crisis?

I am considering moving here if people aren't having problems anymore. Could someone please update this page as to whether or not there is still a bed bug crisis?

All of these testimonials from 2009 and 2010 are great, but fail to mention whether 50/70 still have bedbugs. Does anyone know? It would be great if Management actually wrote something on this site.


Ok all you people who are freaking out about 50/70 Cambridge Ave. Let me start by saying that, my name is anonymous and I am a bed bug survivor!
I moved into 70 Cambridge April of 2009. April 2010 I figured out I had bed bugs. I kept seeing little black dots on my sheets that wouldnt wash off, then finally clued in, checked under my bed skirt and voila! Bed bugs gallore. I caught one (gross) and took it to the office. The next day they sent in pest control. Now when I say the next day, I mean,

I told the office at 8am on monday and the pest control was there exactly 24hrs later. Not a lot of time to do all MY cleaning and tossing of infested items, but I got it done.
Needless to say my apartment was a wreck for weeks with all the cleaning I had to do. Then about a month later I found the shed skins of a few bugs, but not the actual bugs themselves. Sure enough exactly 24hrs of telling the office, pest control came knocking again. I was told that it is usual to need to be sprayed a second time as the chemical they use cannot always kill the eggs, so they have to hatch and be sprayed again before reaching full maturity (within 45 days) so that they in turn can't lay more eggs and repeat the cycle.
This all happened before they sent out the mass letters and notices and mandatory inspections. In my opinion the building management did a fantastic job of working on this problem. They did far more than they had to and I feel very comfortable that my apartment is now bug free (I'm still proactive though with monthly personal inspections).
I love my apartment and would recommend this complex as a fantastic place to live - especially if you have a dog.
Just wanted to put my two cents in!

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I lived in 50 cambridge for 5 months - from July 2009 to Dec 2009. I had originally moved into 70 cambridge - which was a beautiful building with very friendly people - but the elevator next to me was so loud and they couldn't fix it. i was transferred to 50. i heard about a problem on the 10th floor in late summer of 2009. I moved out because my floor was depressing looking, the garb chute could be smelled down the hallway, and the elevator again, was loud in my unit (of which the new manag

ement then told me this was not possible). instead i just moved. At the time i asked them if they were going to send information to people about how to prevent bringing them in and precautions to take - they never did. It's sad to hear that management does not care about such beautiful buildings. I feel pissed over losing money etc over the on going elevator bullshit - but feel lucky to have moved out before i got any bugs. shame on management.

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Wow. You guys are REALLY exaggerating the crisis at 50 Cambridge. I have never had bedbugs during my 3 year stay at this building, there are more ants than anything. The building has been VERY proactive in updating people on bedbug news and have sent exterminators in a timely fashion to anyone who has reported them.

Hi Ahmed,

If you are thinking about moving into this building, I would absolutely, unconditionally get anything that management tells you in writing and/or on tape.

They haven't exactly been proactive about informing people.

Personally, I wouldn't even think about moving into a multi-unit dwelling again. If the building has bedbugs, its probably safe to say that you'll get them, especially given management's history of not telling people what's going on around them, of treating uni

ts in isolation, and of not enforcing proper disposal of belongings.

Management kept scheduling my apartment for viewings even as it was being sprayed for bedbugs. A number of tenants moved in without being told that there were problems in the building or even on their floor. One girl found bugs in her apartment within days of moving in.

Money holds much more value than morals for these people, and since none of them live in the building, there's very little real accountability.

If you decide NOT to move in (recommended), be sure to tell them that its because previous tenants have been unhappy with how they've handled the infestation.

I'm personally out several thousand dollars, and management wouldn't even consider giving me my last month's rent back even though I couldn't stay there at all for the last month, had to find another apartment early, and had to throw out nearly all my furniture. Most of what I didn't throw out I had to wrap tightly in plastic and I can't touch for a year. Books. Suits. Athletic equipment. Bedbugs are a nightmare.

Now I'm living in a sparsely furnished basement apartment, but I'm infinitely happier knowing (knock wood) that I haven't brought them with me, and that I only have a couple neighbours above me. If anyone does bring them in, I'm much more likely to know about it in time to do anything. At 50 Cambridge, the building, and my floor, had bedbugs for at least 6 months before management bothered to send out a notice to anyone. By then, for me and many others, it was too late to take any action.

I can't attest to the current state of the building, since I moved out officially a month ago. But I would not trust anything that management tells you, and I would look hard for somewhere else to live.

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I would like to move into this building. How bad is the bedbug situation? Is it under control or wide spread?


I have thankfully moved out now -- a word to the wise -- document everything: All correspondence with management, all discussions with your neighbours.

If I still lived in the building I would be trying to organize a tenants' association -- the level of communication by management has been unacceptable and has resulted in huge monetary losses and emotional distress for many residents.

I had to throw out nearly all my furnishings to avoid bringing the bugs to my new place, and management

would not even consider a request for compensation. "We don't give refunds" is what Rienne told me, after telling me all requests need to be in writing. Strange.

Not only that, but they repeatedly lied to me about disclosure to new tenants -- although Rienne assured me that new tenants were being informed about the problem, I spoke to a number of new tenants who had no idea. One poor girl found bedbugs in her apartment 4 days or so after she moved in.

Unfortunately there are few rights for tenants in the city right now where bedbugs are concerned. Toronto Public Health did an inspection based on my concerns, but the investigator called me later to say that he was more or less ok with how they were handling things. We need more resources and an attitude change at city hall. There were bedbugs on my floor for at least 6 months in multiple units before anyone was told anything by management, and by that point obviously they'd moved to my apartment.

Only one council candidate in the ward is speaking out on this issue, to my knowledge -- I recommend everyone check out Chris Caldwell at http://www.caldwellforcouncil.ca

Maybe if we can elect the right people we can start to get our lives back. It seems like the people at city hall right now have no idea what's going on.

Good luck, neighbours.

And if you're thinking about moving in to this building, and they tell you it's clean -- get it in writing .

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I checked this site because someone mentioned it in the elevator and contrary to what JohnS is saying, I actually went down to talk to the office myself and got very different information. They couldn’t tell me an exact number of how many apartments have been treated but they said those that were treated also include preventative treatments. I asked if the building is infested and they assured me it is not. They said that the number of cases is declining, which says whatever they're d

oing is working. Honestly, I think Management is doing everything they can to help us. Prior to moving here in 2007, I lived in New York City my entire life. I know what a bed bug epidemic is because I had to deal with it first hand. I battled bed bugs in my first apartment and again in my last apartment prior to moving here. It cost me thousands of dollars and I guarantee you, as far as landlords are concerned, the Management here is doing more than they have to. Some landlords tell you it's your problem and leave you to deal with it. The situation in Toronto is edging closer to what it’s like in New York, it's actually frightening. But, you can't necessarily say they're ignoring the issue, can you? They’ve sent us notices, they're paying for all the treatment costs... I asked them if they could seal up the holes in my radiators that run through the wall and all I had to do was fill out a work order. They’re coming in on Thursday to do it for me. Nothing's perfect... I wish my friends didn't have to pay for parking, the hallways need some work, but all in all, it's a great building. I agree with Simon. This is a serious problem in the city and the best thing to do is to be proactive.

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Management has been lying to tenants for months now. I was personally told that only a handful (4, specifically) units had been sprayed in the past 6 months. After speaking with tenants living on seperate floors, it looks as though the 10 to the 21 floors have had bed bugs so far and it's not just a few units - it's widely spread and continues to be spreading and the situation is NOT IN CONTROL. It's also been an issue in the building for several months yet tenants were not informed until end of

July. Why are they lying to us?

a word of advise - if you're not already living here, look at another place to call home. Yes the views from the buildings are nice and the neighbourhood is quiet, but Management is an absolute JOKE and the premises are dirty and falling apart - from bedbugs to elevators that are constently broken, to broken and dirty laundry machines (there's always water in them with soiled water), and DISGUSTING hallways.


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Hi Everyone,

If you suspect you have bed bugs it is absolutely essential that you contact the building management ASAP. Bed Bugs are an extremely serious problem that require professional help. DO NOT try to get rid of them yourself as pest control experts know their habits and behaviours. It's understandable that one would avoid dealing with it as there is an ugly stigma attached to bed bugs but please, please, please ask building management for help in this matter. They will not judge you n

or does it cost you anything to get the united professionally sprayed.

I've found evidence of bed bugs in my apartment and I immediately contacted the building management. My apartment sprayed the next day. After the spraying the tenant MUST be aggressive in cleaning especially vacuuming and laundry. Vacuuming must be done everyday for a month to ensure all eggs and nymphs are removed. Every fabric surface must be vacuumed or laundered right after the spraying. Every crack must be sealed with caulking too. Lastly, you can buy food grade Diatomaceous Earth at Green Roots on the Danforth (372 Danforth Avenue) and liberally dust your baseboards, mattress, bed frame, closet and entrance way. I sprinkle it on a swiffer and treat the entire floor with it. The few bed bugs that survived the spraying were killed with this 100% natural product. It's safe for humans and pets as you can actually eat it!

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The mattresses around the dumpster area are NOT wrapped nor any of the items clearly marked with "bed bugs". This just invites dumpster diving by neighbours who are oblivious of the bed bug problem in this building. In addition, these infected items are not being picked up immediately, thus exposing tenants to hitchhiking bed bugs while taking out the trash or recycling. I'm so disappointed with the situation. The one thing I've done is sealed my bathroom and kitchen vent. I suggest you all do t

he same. I'm seriously considering moving out which is a real shame as I love my apartment and the neighbourhood. Anyway, management has stated that all the infected units were sprayed. Let's hope the problem is under control.

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Agreed with the last post - management is treating on a per case basis as opposed to building wide. What they seem not to understand is a vacant building (when people start moving out because of this issue) will cost them a whole lot more than treating the whole building(s). This is a shame since this building is in an amazing neighbourhood. The hallways are in very bad shape and i can only imagine what the carpets in the hallways are harbouring. As far as I can tell they only vacuum them once a

week (if that).

I also agree with the last post regarding change in management and decline of services. They don't seem to understand the seriousness of the matter and that hundreds of people call these buildings home - they dont care since they dont live here. There hasn't been any information given to tenants on how to discard of contaminated items. I will be moving out of this building as soon as my lease ends.

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I live in 50, but 70 is also infested.

When I moved in just over a year ago, the building was clean. Unfortunately, a change in management accompanied a decline in service across the board.

Turns out that management has known about the problem for at least 6 months, but has only just informed the residents.

They continue to fail on several fronts:

-- They are not informing residents when a neighbouring unit becomes infested. I am having to go around personally to surrounding un

its and suggest that they get an inspection / seal their walls.

-- Management seems to be treating this on a unit-by-unit basis as opposed to building wide

-- Management has failed to properly notify residents of the problem and how to mitigate it. For example, furniture (especially mattresses) are being thrown out without being wrapped up -- ie. they are being dragged down the hall, down the elevators, down the 1st floor hall and into the parking lot, undoubtedly shedding bugs and eggs the whole way. Even worse, people have been bringing some of this furniture back into the building, not knowing that it was infested!
Management should be putting up notices about proper disposal, and providing plastic wrapping and other resources to make sure it is done properly!

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How do you know this? Please share any info!


Just received a letter from the Management Office at 50/70 cambridge confirming the presence of bed bugs in the building(s). I too have noticed mattresses and other pieces of furniture thrown out in the dumpsters.

This is the second time this month I've seen numerous pieces of furniture thrown out in the dumpster with "Bed Bugs" written on it. There's an obvious infestation in the building.

July 3, 2010

I moved into this wonderful building because of it's great location and stunning south-facing view. It's a very clean building with a professional management team. However, a few weeks after I moved into my unit I noticed bite marks on my legs and arms. After conducting research on the net I found out the problem was bed bugs. This unit has been sprayed twice already and if the problem doesn't go away I will be forced to move out. I have dusted my bedroom with silica and DE. Hope

fully, this will end this awful nightmare. The city of Toronto really needs to do something!

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561 bedbug reports near this address:

50 Cambridge 0.021 km
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70 Cambridge Ave 0.080 km
778 Broadview Ave 0.145 km
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818 Broadview Ave 0.177 km
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