33 Eastmount Ave
Toronto, ON M4K

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I'm a little annoyed by the last two posts.

I've lived in this building for the past 3 years and while it's not the newest of buildings I've yet to see a bedbug (or roach).

Just because there are beds in the garbage area has nothing to do with bedbugs. Case in point, we bought a new bed (upgrading to larger) in January ’13 .... where do you think we disposed of our old bedbugFREE bed? Exactly, where all the other disposed of furniture goes in the building. People are always movin

g in/out, and like clockwork at the end of the month unwanted furniture (including beds) are disposed of there. Phuleeeeeze!

And a note to the roaches...this is the bedbug registry, complain to the right people. The entire building was fumigated for roaches ( yes I understand there is an issue in the 06/07 line) just before Christmas 2012 and I know two tenants personally (one in the 07 line) who were too busy to comply to the request to empty their kitchen/bathroom in preparation of the Building wide fumigation.

I think there are a few people who are using this forum as a way of taking out their frustrations with management. So sad because 33 Eastmount is a great building, best neighbourhood and friendly tenants.

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Saw four mattresses in the garbage area a couple of weeks ago. Looks like the problem still isn't solved!

as of today there are still cockroaches in the 06 & 07 lines for sure.
do not rent a unit in this building till the problem is dealt with. you will drive yourself nuts!

i have been living in the building for 3 months now and battling a roach infestation. management has been accommodating but you really have to do your own homework and be on top of getting them to come in a seal up the unit so the roaches don't re-enter. i am going through a 3rd spraying - the nasty critters just keep coming back. i can honestly say i am going crazy will have to look for another place to call home if it doesn't work - 3rd time is a charm or i'm out! beware - i am on the 06 li

ne and units around me have been sprayed as well. the building is in a great location so i am crossing my fingers it works out.

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Wondering if there have been any recent reports of bedbugs at this location. I am thinking of moving in. Thanks for your help.

While sleeping I awoke to find myself being carried away by it must have been 30 thousand bedbugs. I managed to fight them off and went back to sleep.

was just wondering if the problem is sloved?
I would like to live there.

Hello, I havent heard of anymore issues...Or seen any clues that might lead me to think so. (beds in garbage, pest control companies at bulding) I would recommand this building 100%. I love it, Its a working/family building so people are very friendly, clean, and quiet. But everyone has their own expectations on what they think is a great place to live.....Hope this helped.

Thinking about moving there, has there been any more recent issues? Thanks :)

I also live at this address. I haven't had any problems...yet... I really hope the landlords and building managers solve this problem before it gets out of hand, and before the bugs take over the whole building, it would be a shame, this is such a nice place to live. PS I have noticed alot of beds in the garbage lately, now I know why!!

Recently, I noticed a few bugs on the wall above my bed, not knowing what they were. I killed them and thought that was it. But then a week later, I saw some more in the same spot. Then I noticed the blood and dark spots... and googled to find out what was going on.

The office was quite helpful and they brought in the exterminator asap... but they were spraying several units already.

I like this building and have been here two years without problems so I wasn't very happy when this happene


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