30 Cosburn Ave
Toronto, ON M4K

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Lived there for most of 2014. We had thousands ( not exaggerating ) of bed bugs to the point our whole bodies were covered in itchy bites. There was blood all over the walls due to killing them. Cockroaches everywhere too covered the counters completely. Construction put holes in our ceilings where we could see upstairs. We had the places sprayed by their bed bug and roach company numerous times but it didnt make a difference. The building was poorly maintained and management did not care. We lo

st a lot of money due to all of our items having to be thrown out due to bugs. Talking yo neighbours the whole building is infested and is not a safe place to live

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Roachs and spiders (they eat roachs)
Poorly maintained and not clean
Hot water only warm

This building definitely has a problem with bugs in general. Cockroaches, bed bugs, some new ones I have never seen before... It's a hole and it is poorly managed. Avoid it at all costs.

A know a person who lives here who has bed bugs.

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