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Toronto really needs to step-up and remedy this epidemic! Bed bugs are thriving because of lackadaisical building managers. This allows the parasite to multiple at an exponential rate. The poor are suffering the most because they can't afford to simply pickup and move. Their hard earn possessions can't be just thrown away. We need to ALL work together to fix this problem. STOP PASSING THE BUCK!!!

Anyway, I suggest you purchase Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. It's available The Urban Nature Sto

re in Leaside or Green Roots on the Danforth at Chester station. All electrical outlets should be dusted with DE and sealed with caulking. It's imperative that baseboards need to be caulked and dusted. The frame of the entrance door way must be sealed with double sided tape and weather stripping be applied. All clutter especially under the bed must be stored in air tight bags or clear boxes. Mattresses need to be encased to lock the bed bugs within. Lastly, DE must be dusted around and in the joints of the bed frame. Allow a distance of 8 inches from the wall. Unfortunately, the best tactic is to get a professional to fumigate but after that's done every tenant on the floor needs to work together and must adhere to this process. Good Luck.

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