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There have been some reports of bed bugs in this building as is the case for many building in toronto this size or larger. The truth is yes there have been some cases of them. There was a cockroach and mice epidemic in the 1980's and the building fell into a state of mass disrepair. Since the year 2000 or so the owner has made a solid effort to renovate the building and he has done a great job. He has brought in many different contractors for structural/balconies and underground garage repairs a

nd waterproofing in 2005. Macdero construction company was hired for a major renovation contract. New elevators were installed last summer and new windows were put in 2008 or so. Its been a lot of projects and a lot of work. New fire alarm system and phone entry system. This is one of the best buildings in downtown now its almost like a condo. Im really happy with the effort and the work that has been accomplished. Im the guy who has lived here longer than any other man in the place so I think it means something coming from me.

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Okay, I have lived in this building for around a years and a half now and not once have i seen a bug of any kind. Maybey a spider on the balcony but that is it. The supers are nice friendly and reponsove. you will always see them in the lobby, on any of the floors and always talking to tenants and making this building a great place to live. One think i wish that would happen is if they put the trash bins back away from the balconies and laundry room a little more??? Ok, there was a tampon in the

stairwell, they cleaned it up after 2 - 3 days. The only reason is that they were on vacation and i dont blame them. From reading this forum, alot of people here have been lying about incounterts with bedbugs, cockroaches ... (BTW, they clean thigs up the second they see it. usually 10min to 1hr after the garbage/problem occured. it depends on how busy they are.) I know that the lower floors, (2-14 or so) have not been maintained so well. Only because the tenents on that floor make it the way it is. The higher floors, (15-23 or so) are well maintained... The stairwells need a little work and there needs to be a little more enforcement on rules of smoking in the halls/stairways (anybody RARELY does it, but it would be nice if it NEVER actually happens.) The lighting in the halls/staircases (stairwells) need to be upgraded (brighter) but everything is A-O-K.

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I don't live in this building, but my father does. I slept at his place approximately a week ago and woke up with bedbug bites all over my body, including my face. It was a horrible experience and it took almost a week for the itching to subside. I'm not a tenant, but prospective tenants need to know that bedbugs do exist in this building as recently as June 2011.

Reading this forum, it has become clear that the bedbug infestation spans multiple units, and I will be speaking to the superinten

dent the next time I'm in town.

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i agree. the super in charge of the building he keeps it immaculate. you see a wrapper on the floor in the morning and it's gone by lunch. part of is it that the residents also pitch in to keep the place in great shape.

This is a very clean building. I have been here for almost a year and have not seen a single bug of any kind!

OK, so. People are trashing this building but i have lived in this building for almost a year and i love it! It is one of the best buildings i hae EVER lived in! It has very friendly supers, tenants and although my apartment is on a higher floor and sometimes i need to take the stairs, its only for a few hours (even minutes) before the elevators are running clear as water!

Well, i live here and everyone i ask in the building are ok and they havent seen (or felt) anything...

I am one of the employees responsible for this building and I can tell you that the bad reports are from one tenant who has a grudge with the management and thinks it amusing to tell lies about bed bugs and cockroaches. This building is clean and well managed,with very good superintendents who do not ignore maintenance issues reported by tenants. Too bad this tenant who is lying is so immature so as to try to ruin a perfectly good buildings reputation. Shame on you and we know who you are.


I've been following the posts for this building and seems that the Administrator of this site keeps deleting the bad reviews posted for 25 Cosburn Ave.
After I did a little research about this building I found out that there are quite a few problems and complains from the tenants.

Here's a site dedicated to this building: http://25cosburn.info

It amazes me how people are so ignorant and rude in this blog. I have lived in this building for 10 years and nor myself or anyone I speak to in the building has bed bugs. I strongly believe this person has a grudge or angry because they have or are being evicted. The building is well cared for by both the supers and management. I have never had an issue with either, nor have any of my friends or neighbors in the building. Do not ruin our building reputation because you want to be an immatur

e person.

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I've been renting an apartment for the past 3 month on this building and I hate it. Huge problems with bed bugs, I had to change my mattress and throw out all my bed sheets. And if you think this is not enough I have cockroaches in the apartment as well. I've complained about these problems multiple times and nobody is doing anything about it.
In the end to really understand that this is the worst place I've rented in my live, I have a buzzing noise in my bedroom all night long that comes from

the basement, maybe from the boiler room.
I would not recommend to anybody to rent an apartment at 25 Cosburn Ave unless you want to make your life a living hell.

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I am looking to rent this apartment. Any updates on bed bugs or any other type of bugs that are there?

I do not have a complaint, and this forum is for bed bug reporting however I must say that 25 cosburn has new superintendents and the building is much cleaner and taken care of than prior years. I have lived in the building for over 10 years and these new superintendents are the best!

21eeks ago we found we were being eaten alive in our bed we reported it to
Our superintendant he has had someone come spray since but he has told us
That we were the only ones in the building with them and not to tell
Anyone but here I am telling everyone that can read this If
I have them then there is a lot more people that have them

P.s this my 73 year old father that has them.

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