130 Gowan Ave
Toronto, ON M4K

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Do you enjoy having friends over for soirées in a clean, sanitary and anxiety-free environment? Do you enjoy simple pleasures, like eating eggs without having to worry about whether they have been freshly laid in your salmon steak by a mother who is now scurrying across the counter top to seek shelter for the remaining 39 capsules just yearning to be hatched? Do you appreciate hours of uninterrupted REM sleep without being woken by an itching sensation that wasn't caused by Edward Cullen?

Then look much, much further, because 130 Gowan opens its doors to insects of so many classes, you'll think you were back at Harvard sitting next to that one hot girl you just couldn't muster up the nerve to ask out because you were too busy studying for the course you could never remember the name of.

And if you're worried about management constantly budding into your personal life, you need not worry. They won't be stepping in to bother you with pesky, up-to-code policies and regularly scheduled sanitation practices. Raising healthy, robust and spry parasites is at the top of Hermax Development's priority list.

Having access to such a wide variety of insects will grant you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to observe them in their natural and most comfortable habitat, allowing you to witness wildlife in a way that the discovery channel can only envy.

Rather than trying to exterminate the misunderstood critters, stop worrying about wasting valuable energy sanitizing and re-sanitizing your dinnerware, welcome your new friends with open arms, throw on La Cucaracha. Begin celebrating your new-found friendship with bed bugs, roaches and insects that only the darkest recesses of your mind could arouse.

Embrace the critter culture at 130 Gowan. The price is surely right.

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We've lived in this building for ab.a year, and we're so tired of it:the building is filthy,full of cockroaches,bugs etc. I don't sleep in our bedroom because of constant humming noise from the heating and fen. I've approached super and the owner multiple times, got promises to fix the problem or to be offered another apartment. We're still waiting. I sleep on a coach in the living room,but got a letter from the landlord (before year passed)about rent increase ($30 raise).Admin is extremely unfr

iendly, building is infested with roaches and bugs,dirty and not cheap for all this.

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My father and I moved into a 2 bedroom apt. at this building in Sept. 2011. Both of us moving from a 1 bedroom in the same building.We both had heard that there were bed bugs in the apt we were moving to. We spoke with the Super and were assured that the apt. was professionally spayed and no bed bugs any more. We have lived in the two bedroom for months now and recently discovered we are infested. We don't know exactly what to do, we have been trying to get rid of them on our own. We will be

approaching the Super and the owners to find out what they will do to help us.

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Bedbugs and roaches run along the hall into apartments.

In December 2010 I noticed that I had bed bugs. The superindent organized to have the unit sprayed. At first they went away but came back around June 2011. Then they sprayed again and they are still there. It is now September 2011. I am currently trying my own way of terminating the bed bugs and then I will be moving. FYI - I have also noticed roaches in this building.

five apartments in my building including my neighbors have bed bugs...my landlord failed to tell anyone or to register...i am currently moving out because this is unacceptable.

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