1050 Broadview Ave
Toronto, ON M4K

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This building is horrible and run by evil people. Every other person has a bed bug problem and this coop ass wipes don't give a rat ass. I hope the bed bugs spread thru there homes.

BEDBUGS again. 2010.

The Coop Board was confronted at a 2010 Members' meeting regarding another, subsequent BED BUG INFESTATION.

The Board did not volunteer this information under their 'policy', the Members' had to go after the info., after rumours of another infestation circulated. People at the meeting indicated their displeasure.

1050 Broadview Ave., your location for all things bed buggy.

The Board of Directors would like to dispute the information in the report posted on the Bedbug Registry website regarding 1050 Broadview Avenue.

When the report was first brought to our attention on November 26, 2009, we were upset, not because of the report of an incident but because of the unsupported accusations and words used by the web poster “anon” on July 21, 2009. The Board was characterized as “the worst” and the writer accused staff of laziness and self-int

erest without any factual basis. Our first instinct was to report this to the website registry within the context of your stated policy, i.e.: “Potentially libelous content by anonymous posters. If you want to name names, you have to sign your work”. This report certainly falls into this category.

Once a posting of an unethical nature has been made, the reputation of the organization is unfairly besmirched. This posting was “out there” for some time before we became aware of it. We considered having the report addressed through legal means but, on advice of an experienced entomologist, we have decided to speak to the assertions raised in the report.

First, our building is a housing co-operative. This means that our Board is elected by members who live in the building, and the management of the building is hired on the approval of the Board. We take pride in hiring good management and our management does more than their best to manage the site in all aspects. Every member has an equal voice and can express any dissatisfaction to the Board.

Your web site has many links to key resources on bed bug management. A look at these sites makes it very clear that bed bug infestation is a problem throughout North America and, further, that this is a difficult pest to manage. Very few apartment buildings, whether rental, condominium private owners, or co-operatives, have fully implemented Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs that embrace all aspects of prevention. When this problem first arose in our co-op, we hired a reputable pest control company to provide an expected high quality service at considerable expense and did so with urgency and attention. The incident described is not an uncommon occurrence in multiple dwelling sites and the education of all stakeholders is a key to addressing this issue.

Broadview Co-op has been reviewing the overall situation of bed bugs in the building and has hired expertise to implement a full IPM program that includes member/tenant education and detailed processes to prevent importation of new infestation. In every case reported to the co-op office, full measures have been undertaken.

We are not aware of any organization that currently checks the property of new tenants, owners or members – this can violate privacy issues. However, we have implemented a plan of education and recommended preventive measures to new members.

We encourage our members to let us know of their concerns and complaints early so we can help address the issue if and when it may arise. Early reporting and early treatment are keys to success. To facilitate this, we are implementing a full building pest control survey. Overall building results will be made available to all members without revealing confidential feed back. This data is being reviewed by an expert entomologist consultant who has been charged with providing us with recommendations for action, based on findings, rather than unsubstantiated statements. All cases reported to the co-op are and will be fully addressed.

Asha Haji, President
Broadview Housing Co-operative, Inc.

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Bed bugs discovered in unit on third floor. No bed bug policy in place by Co-op Board. Mattress revoved from third floor and dropped in trash. Mattress then picked out of trash by other Co-op Member and returned to a different unit on 12th Floor. Management (the worst) and board made aware. We are told it is not a problem.

No one checks for bugs on property of people coming in, either.

The staff are too lazy and run the place themselves for their benefit,

BEWARE 1050 Broadview Av

e. Co-op!!!!

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