1000 Broadview Ave
Toronto, ON M4K

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BTW, only those tenants who were directly affected by the bed bugs were informed. No one else in the building was informed. This is really unprofessional behaviour, and it leads to bed bugs spreading. There should be a general alert notice given to everyone.

What if the affected tenants did laundry and they got into the machines? No one will be looking out for them, until it is too late and they have spread.

Lousy management at 1000 Broadview. In a city this size, they should be more prep


Note that the management company that runs 1000 Broadview also runs 50 & 70 Cambridge Ave. Look those addresses up on this site to see for yourself what happens when a management company tries to cover this issue up, rather than deal with it professionally. It gets much worse.

Right now this problem is fresh and new. Tenants fear it is is just at its beginning. (Not the best time to move to this building.)

Tenants must educate themselves and be on the look-out for tell-tale signs.

see full report...

They are spraying for bed bugs in 1000 Broadview Ave. today and tomorrow ( December 14th and 15th, 2015) on the lowest floors! Tenants are not happy with the way it is being handled/bungled.

Also, they will be jack hammering the balconies off starting in February and replacing them, for the next 9 MONTHS! Tenants are upset that they were not told this when they just moved in! So beware of this place.

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