100 Cosburn Ave
Toronto, ON M4K

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I've been living here since June 6/15 and I have not had any kind of bugs whatsoever. My unit is very clean and the Management here...Q Residential are friendly fast and attentive...no complaints here at all!

Based on the 2 reports that was posted here, i am living in this building also for a long time and if there are problems with bugs or roaches they treat the apartment as soon as they new that there is a problem in the unit. The treatment that the pest control used is effective. For the tenant with cockroach issue why don't you report to the management what is the problem and they could do something in your unit. Probably you did not prepare properly that's why it is not treated properly also. I

am grateful that our superintendents are approachable and you can talk too easily.

see full report...

I've been living here since April 2014 and there is a cockroach problem in this building! Pest control came in but whatever powder they put in a few spots has been useless!

I found 2 bedbugs close to the baseboard in my unit. Superintendent was virtually useless, and unconcerned. He never notified any other tenants, and did a totally inadequate treatment, not appropriate for bedbugs. I had my entire unit fumigated at my own expense ($400). This was in 2009.

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