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I've lived here for 10 years and am bug-a-phobic. I live on 15th floor. The place is clean. Had a problem with moths once but I think it's cause I brought a suitcase up from the storage room and brought them up from someone else's junk. I"m happy here

I have lived in this building for a year, and I'm really happy living here because it's very well-maintained. Balconies and windows were just upgraded. I haven't had any problems with pests. However, they were supposed to inspect my furniture when I moved in, and they didn't... so that does concern me as a new tenant could bring them in.

Have not seen bedbug related things recently but I have had little baby roaches visit my apartment that did not originate in my apartment as I keep it very clean. So certainly pests in the building. They say they will inspect your furniture when you move in but they never inspected mine. So they could let a person in potentially with bugs.

Hi, I am looking to move here. Is there still a bedbug problem from the last post in 2013?

Just saw a chair outside today that said bedbugs written on it
I hope they have sprayed well. Sad when I see this because i live there!

Lived here for 3 years on 12th floor. Have had no problems.

Lived here for 6 years - no problems. 15 floor

Are there currently bedbugs in this building?

that's no good! I wasn't aware fully I guess.
Hopefully the superintendants will be honest in the future about this as it is such a horrible thing to endure. I had them at my old place and had to throw out everything (couch, bed, linens) and it cost me about $3500 to replace.

Mary and Tom, can you please keep a floor posted when this happens?

While I agree that the super is quick to act, they are NOT quick to report to other tenants. My neighbour had bed bugs and (I found out later) her apartment was sprayed, mine was not. I quickly got them and I think it could have been avoided if the floor was notified and each unit was sprayed when they were first discovered. I had to throw out almost everything I own.

You won't find any large appartment in Toronto that has'n't been affected by bed bugs. It's how the building deals with the problem that counts.
The Superintendant here is amazing and if a bug ever appears it is taken care of immediatley and communicated to the building tenants.

I have lived here two years and have had no problem, but know a couple posts have been on in the past. If you ever are so unlucky to get them, just tell the super. Most likely you brought them in on used furniture,

or from something else. It's next to impossible to avoid it 100% in this city.

I only came on here, becaue I was affected by bed bugs before moving into this building and come on every now and then to check in on the status.

Definitely move in!

see full report...

I am thinking of moving in on the 8th floor. Has there been any recent bed bug issues in the building?
Overall have there been major issues with the building?
Please advise.

I am currently looking for an apartment at 10 Hogarth, is the bed bug issue is going on !? I am quite nervous. Tenants with your experience, has this been resolved or had got worst.... PLEASE ADVICE !!!!!

I'm on the 17th floor

Kermie, what floor are you on?

I moved into my apartment in November. In the spring I noticed a bug in my bed and didn't think much of it because it was spring and I thought it was normal to see bugs sometimes. I had also seen little bugs around my baseboard in my room. I had been to my new boyfriend's place in August and kept noticing bite marks on my legs. He told me he had had bed bugs a few months ago. After being educated I realized I had an infestation. On September 13th the exterminators came and they are coming again

on the 27th for a second spraying. If you notice any bugs please report it to Mary the Superintenant.

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Dec. 1st, 2010

Killed a mature bed bug after been bitten.

Pulled my bed apart looked at it all over no infestation.

I herd from the lady in a laundry room This is a 6 floor But can't tell that for sure

If there are bedbugs in this building, then the supers need to be TOLD IMMEDIATELY, people who don't report due to shame are only making the problem worse. Get over it and call before they spread.

people with bedbugs, what floor are you on?

Good day,

Could you all please clarify exactly what you mean "Bedbugs"
If this is indeed the case then has the Super Mary been notified?
This is a serious situation as they can easily move from apt to apt.
Please can each and everyone of you alert the M&R management ie Mary.

-concerned tenant @ 10 Hogarth-

Sites that can be helpful


I am also in the midst of getting sprayed for bed bugs...clean building but anywhere can get them.

Dealing with bedbugs

Bedbugs in the early stages can be difficult to spot since they hide very well. Single sightings of "one" bedbug are not unusual. This happens when (a) A bedbug hitchhikes into a unit after being picked up on clothing or laundry while in the common areas of the building. Common areas get infested because of tenants discarding their furniture etc w/o first wrapping it. (b) If a nearby infested unit has been treated, particularly if it has been incorrectly treated with repellent type sprays, th

e surviving bugs will scatter to adjacent locations, and (c) A small percentage of bedbug populations tend to "roam", possibly fertile females.

Come to www.bedbugger.com a forum to discuss this type of question more fully.

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How can you see "a" bedbug Anthony? You either have bedbugs or not? I live at 10 Hogarth and it is a clean well maintained building.

Saw a bedbug in my apartment.

bedbug in this bldg

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