5 Donlands Ave
Toronto, ON M4J

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Still bed bugs in this apartment?

I live in this building no bed bugs to my knowledge for the past year

Looking to rent in this building. Is the bed bug problem taken care of? Thank you.

Looking to rent in this building. Is the bed bug problem taken care of? Thank you.

we lived here in 2004-05 -
we used poisons and rid the apartment of the bugs ourselves. Luckily none of them followed us anywhere else.. the owners did buy a new box spring and mattress. I would go back there without hesitation.

As of February 2011 I have bed bugs in my unit in this building.

There are bedbugs in my apartment for 3 months.I moved there 5 months ago.The pest controler came 3 times but it didnt solve the problem.

Bed bugs have been present since November 2010. I discovered them in my unit and have had 3 pest control visits. Since then, I have noticed that other tenants have thrown out their beds on the sidewalk and sometimes when I come home I can smell that other units have had a visit from the pest controller. I'm assuming they are spread throughout the building.

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