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Toronto, ON M4J

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Dear `another tenant`

Perhaps now that you can`t sleep thinking about bugs, and have a rash...it might be a good time to speak to building management about your issues.
Maybe the new owners will establish a psychic link between themselves and the insects you claim are causing you so much trouble, and will deal with the problem without you having to tell them or let them into your apartment.

I left the building a month ago for greener pastures. The tenants at Donlands were great folks---

with the exception of one ex-employee who resided there who`d been fired for harassment. Gee,`another tenant`...you sure do sound like him, with the bitterness and the vitriol and the refusal to do anything constructive about your issues....

Just for funsies, though, you might want to use the internet to look up the Residential Tenancies Act sometime. Landlords are disallowed by law from arbitrarily jacking up your rent `just cause they want to`, so you might want to stop using that as an excuse to let bugs spread within the building. Far as I know, though, the only bug in the place is the one up your butt about being overlooked for the supers`job last December ;p

Pretty sure anyone who had REAL problems with bedbugs would have been asking management to do something about it rather than trashing the staff and the building on the internet.

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Yah YOu...It must be you the new lously super...of course you want to keep your job..you got it on the golden plate though...your landlord will sure bend but just for the money for the crap and charge us the tenants more...over all everyone knows that the creeps with long hair are every where imagine you can't sleep thinking of this..Bed bugs are every where...bed bugs is not a question at all hear me out. you guys barg into our apts at will distrubt our peace even though their is no peace at t

he location with all the trucks and soot..our windows tell it all....yes watch out for the bed bugs...I have red itchy spots right now and these sting and you will itch for a long time and I did not pick anything from anywhere...dont let the looks of the bldg decieve you!

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Yah right: if you have bedbugs and you'd rather >>swat at them yourself<< than actually take proper measures to keep them from spreading, you're showing the people beside you how great you are as a tenant and as a neighbor.

I've lived here almost a year, and so far the bugs you're NOT treating haven't made it to my place yet. But thanks, it's good to know you're tracking them out into the hallway carpets as you come & go, and eventually they'll make their way into my place :D

yay, you!

Saw a couple of spiders around the time they were renovating, but that's about it.

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Yah right
Id rather not have you guys in, the other day while you guys were showing how great you all are painted all the apt doors the painted dried on the door frame as well, needless to say, I got locked in , no response from the phone calls I made all night , next day I shouted from my window onto the street, and the I got someone other then the management to kicked the door to let the paint loose , finally I could go to work...its not only me...as for the hairy creeps...be ready to swat at

them yourself...bed bugs ....take your chances too ....be be ware of what these guys say of how great they are...if we speak out ...the rent goes up..

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This building was purchased by new owner in December 2011. Full disclosure: he hired me as the new super.

I am baffled by recently made comments about bugs, because
a)all the tenants here know me & have my number
b)all the tenants here know the new owner, too, because he's onsite every day and in contact with each and every tenant any time there's any type of issue.
c) we are both friendly, accessible people who take our responsibilities very seriously and we do our best t

o take good care of our tenants and we NEVER ignore requests for apt. maintenance of ANY sort---repairs, OR pest control.
d)I've received TWO complaints about bugs in the time I've been here---both about ants, NOT BEDBUGS!! In both cases, we treated their apartments with ant repellant and caulked up every and any gap we could find where they might be getting in. Since then (several months ago) we've been in contact with those tenants practically daily, and I am 100% positive that if there was still a bug problem in those units, we'd have been told.
e) re: the owner: I cover for the building manager at his other buildings in her off hours. I've received two calls in 7 months about plumbing issues, both on Sundays. Within half an hour of the plumbing issues being reported, the owner himself was onsite, dealing with the problem. This guy is on the exact opposite end of the spectrum of the stereotypical "absentee/ indifferent landlord".

SO...the people complaining in 2012 about bugs need to look on the side of the building for our number, or check the various notices we've sent out with both the owner's number and mine. They need to actually TELL US THEY HAVE A PROBLEM so we can fix it. Because I don't work for a guy who'd blow off complaints about roaches and bedbugs. I work for a guy who'd have a Pest Control Svcs. rep in their apartment within 24 hours, who'd be getting me to caulk up any entry points where bugs were getting into their homes, and checking back with them to make sure the problem was solved.

I work for a guy who bends over backwards to be available and responsive to our tenants, who encourages me to do the same. So when I hear "Yolanda" complaining about bugs I think, "who ARE you, and why haven't you called me to tell me about this, so I can FIX it--?!? Why complain to people who aren't capable of calling PestControl instead of to me--?!?"

We've renovated the building inside and outside. Every time I'm watering the lawn, I get at least two or three people who live in the neighborhood (as well as our actual tenants) stopping to compliment our company on the extensive aesthetic improvements we've made. Where once was sand, ugly half-submerged tarp, and chain-link fencing...there's now beautiful green grass, new trees, carefully planted flowers...

Sure, if I didn't work here, I'd be reading this and thinking,"please...company propaganda!"...and y'know what-? I respect that. That's okay. We're not hurting for tenants. I get a minimum of three calls per day from random people who ask if we have any units available, and the four units I've shown in the past seven months have had at least 20 applicants per unit, because we install brand new hardwood floors/ cupboards/ doors...and apparently (according to people I've shown places to) this thing we do, where we make sure the apt. you move into is **spotless**--? Apparently that's unusual.

In any case...you can say (or think) what you like, but if you pretend we don't care about our tenants, or would tolerate bedbugs...you're not still living here and haven't met us. From what I've been told from countless people when I show our apartments to prospective tenants...you could do FAR, far worse than Upper Donland Suites.

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yes true and true , Bugs and more even from the ground, hairy and scary, not to mention mice.I move away after a lousy stay with the new landlord worried only of make up and rent hike
look further my friends

what a lie, the building now is full of make up
and bugs of all kinds, includes the creey hairy caterpillar kind of bug, not to mention mice and roaches, the owners feel to highly of themselves,I am stuck but waiting on my contract to finish,no ,no to those thinkig decent
some units have bed bugs
they will never admit

Oh no , things were good up until Dec...... ridiculous , I moved in years ago no problems
now recently I see strange long hairly bugs like millipeds on the walls e.t.c. called in and nothing has been done
I stratch all night with stuff I canèt find what it is red patches on me really scratchy.. owners dontèt give a hoot...keep off for sure

I have two close friends who live in this building. One has lived there for almost two yeas, the other for 6 months. Neither have bedbugs nor have they ever. They wouldn't have continuted to live there if that were the case.

I think this is a disgruntled tenant. The building is actually kept quite clean.

I agree with the tenant stating best building of its age class and general management. no, no, no bedbugs, I have live there now going into 16 years
my time speaks for itself, best landlord,clean building is all I will say.

The comments on this building is not true must be some disgrutled tenant who may have moved. I have live here 12 years,owners changed the newest is the best,always ready to help, forget bedbugs, never heard from anyone, their are even no roaches,every where is sprayed once a month, infact the best old building I have yet to see

Loaded with bugs and the landlord does nothing to solve the problem, you can hardly ever reach him and he doesn't return our telephone calls!!! We're out of this place and will never rent from this guy again!!!

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