325 Sammon Ave
Toronto, ON M4J

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So very grateful that I haven't had an issue of any kind in the 5+ years that I've lived here. Knock on wood the trend continues.

I've been living here for about 7 years now. And yes there is a bug problem but it's manageable. I have noticed some silverfish, years ago, but I took action and made sure to keep my apart incredibly clean since. It appears to have cure that problem. But now, for the first time since moving here, I have a mouse problem. Yes.. just saw it in my closet. I had an idea that there was one when I kept hearing scratching at night in my kitchen. I thought I solved it, when I found a hole behind my oven.

I plugged it with detergent sheets, which worked. But now the mouse somehow migrated to my closet. I just put a trap in there, so hopefully that does the trick. I haven't had any other problems here, and I hope it continues.

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No bed or other bugs seen. No reports of any.

I have lived here for about 4 years and have never had a problem or heard of one.

There are absolutely no bed bugs or any any other kind of infestation at this address, nor have we heard of any history of such a thing.

I have lived here Since Sept. 1/11 and have found NO evidence OR talk of bed bugs. It appears to be safe.

Does anyone know if there is still an issue with this building? I was thinking of renting here because the location is good and the rent is reasonable. But if there is a major bug problem I might look somewhere else.

Avoid this location at all costs... it is infested with bed bugs and silverfish. Hopefully I can save you from having to go through having to throw out all your furniture like I did.

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