223 Strathmore Blvd
Toronto, ON M4J

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the bed and breakfast closed over 10 years ago at this location. Since then the place has gone under major renovations.The bed bug incident happened in the 90's.

the bed and breakfast cosed over 10 years ago at this location. Since then the place has gone under major renovations.The bed bug incident happened in the 90's.

I, the landlord, have disputed the information on this page and am waiting for it to be removed.

It's true! There was a bedbug infestation at this location. I was the owner and we were quite surprised that we had them. We don't know where they came from but as soon as we found out, we threw out the mattress and had the place fumigated. We never had them again. We caught them from the travelling public as we had a B&B operation there at that time.FYI, they look like someone spilt coffee grounds on the corner of a sheet.

For the person who wrote the first item, my mother, a senior citizen

was very apologetic at the time and was very thorough and efficient on the clean up. We remember your situation and all the bad press you caused us. Thanks a lot for nothing. A bit more understanding would have been appreciated from the old girl. it was her first time with this kind of thing and quite frankly, she was taken by surprise just as much as you were. We eventually closed the operation there as she grew too elderly to manage 10 rooms and have since relocated and downsized. We have not had the problem since.

For all the people out there, when a place gets bed bugs it does NOT mean the place is a dirty place. It means that someone who has stayed there brought the critters in from elsewhere in their luggage or person and the new host will have a big problem on their hands. The only way to get rid of them is to throw out the affected beds and fumigate and watch with a close eye for possible reinfestation.

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in 2000 I stayed 2 nights at this place. The morning of the second night, I awoke to bites all over my body. An inspection of the bed uncovered hundreds and hundreds of bed bugs. They were mostly huddled in the bed skirts. It was obvious that they hadn't cleaned the bed skirts in months. When I showed my bites to the owner, she shrugged and said "Oh, I guess I'll have to spray." -- no sympathy, no apology. I wrote to the Health Department and never heard back. I contacted AAA, as I had found thi

s place using their booklet (the place had 2 stars) and was told not to rely on the booklet for quality -- these places just pay a fee to be listed. When I got home, I sent everything to the dry cleaners and tossed my luggage. It was expensive, but not more than extermination would have been.

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