165 Cosburn Ave
Toronto, ON M4J

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It has come to my understanding that bed bugs have been found in our building in multiple units. The building is poorly managed which results in this dirty enviroment. This isn't the first time this building has dealt with an infestation but we were only notified about this recent bed bugs because it was the unit next to ours. Management is lazy and it feels as if they do not care about the tents. Most tents have come to an understanding that this building shouldn't lived in and are preparing to

move out. I strongly recommend to all those considering 165 cosburn to turn around and never look at this place again.

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When I moved into 165 Cosburn ave. with my kids, I never knew what a bedbug was. I soon found out. The whole appartment was infested, my children and I were being eaten alive. I lost everything I owned. they called an exterminator, they came they sprayed and I thought my problems were over. I purchased all new furniture, depleting all of my savings only to be infested again. There are several apartments in this building that have bedbugs. They have been sprayed but like myself have found that th

e problem presist. If you dare to move to 165 Cosburn BEWARE you too will lose everything.

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I just moved into 165 Cosburn Avenue #408 on Aug. 1, 2009, and 3 weeks later realized my bed had bed bugs. I never had that before!! I told the landlord on Thursday, August 27, and they didn't spray until Mon., Aug. 31st!!!! They only spray twice 2 weeks apart, but not ANY of the surrounding units!! Just the one above me who had bed bugs 2 months prior (as I later found out). Others in this building have it, too, as I learned after.

I've thrown out most of my things, and am moving out s



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