110 Unity Rd
Toronto, ON M4J

Found 2 reports:

I know someone who lives in this building that has had bedbugs who has not said anything to management. Management ( heather) deals with the problem by telling the tenant (seniors on a fixed income) they must throw out all there furniture then they will be spread for bedbugs. I know of one tenant that was hospitalized do to the stress. Heather is the manager for both 100 unity road and 110 unity road.

This is an elderly folks home.i have relatives currently residing there. who often gets help from PSW's who are transporting these Little bugs from one person home to another.she often complain about her clients apartments being pestered with bedbugs,but yet still the psw does not a uniform to protect others from these bugs.many folks don't report the bugs because they are alone and cannot accommodate the moving of their furniture. the management is not responsible

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