Thorncliffe Park Dr
Toronto, ON M4H

Found 3 reports:

43 Thorncliffe Park Drive has cockroaches (never ending, you can spray them whatever, they re-appear after 2 months) and this summer for the first time in years saw a mouse. Hallways are extremely dirty, the building is over populated thus the problem.

I have been living in 47 thorncliffe park drive for 1 year.For the last 2 months our apartment has been infested with bedbugs.They are everywhere,initially I did not understand what is going on ,we thought we had allergic reaction,went to G.P and had diagnosed.We cleaned up everything,sprayed medicated solution,but got no result.Do not know what to do.Now looking for new apartment.

I am a employee of a major Canadan utility company.

I have seen bedbugs in building numbers 47 and 49.

No nearby bug reports