95 Thorncliffe Park Dr
Toronto, ON M4H

Found 4 reports:

An apartment here was fumigated this week. Don't know for what and no feedback from management. Could be anything, but not ruling out bedbugs. Tenents just moved here a few month ago, from some other building and likely brought eggs or bedbugs in with all their stuff and didn't think to fumigated before they moved out and moved into this building. No other units were fumigated at the same time to do a complete treatment cycle.

Management said they "contained them" and the problem is no longer a threat?? How did they kill them? Said it was a privacy issue and couldn't release that information in tenants meeting

November 2009 I moved into a unit...before I moved any of my belongings in there were bedbugs crawling on the walls.

Building manager reports three instances of bedbugs since start of 2008.

No nearby bug reports