65 Thorncliffe Park Dr
Toronto, ON M4H

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I am leaving in 65 thorncliffe now it is 7 months I am going in hard time I got bedbugs my full house and I try talking to the landlord about it but they never care I got kids I don't sleep at night I goingin depression all our clothes are in the plastic bag I have thrown out my 50% of my furnitures what it painful that my things where new when I spoke to the landlord she told me that my furnitures where having bedbugs to be honest I came from middle east I didn't know what bedbugs means and

how they look like thanks to 65 thorncliff I am looking for other bulling so I can have a peaceful life with my kids I am not paying rent for bedbugs no way and second think is that how can we pay to the landlord a rent when we are not happy they should think about people who are paying rents money doesn't come from the tree or grown Lol they is much about this bulling welcome to our elevators if a woman is pregnant I swear she will deliver by waiting for the elevators 24 sec people are going up and down it's to muchhhhhhhhh

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If management refuses to do anything about the infestation, withhold your rent until they do. It's legal to do so when it comes to having reasonable comfort in your home. If enough people do this, management will eventually do something about the problem.

the area may have bedbugs but honestly its pretty amazing what happens here. yes the buildings can be pretty dirty as well but its not because of the multiculturalism here. its just because the management doest bother to listen to what we need or clean up. because the apartments haven't been renovated in a long time the bedbugs develop. maybe if the owners ever listened to what we have to say about the conditions of our homes there wouldn't be any bedbugs or mice. The people have very little to

do with the problem. the management should look out for their tenants needs.
The amazing part about Thorncliffe is that despite what people think its beautiful, and the crime rate is really low. we have over 35 000 people in one square kilometre and the worst thing that happened here what happened in an apartment in 85. and guess what, they weren't Indian or Pakistani or Afghani. so those stereotypes about them should not be said because they aren't true.
I Personally have never had bedbugs or mice. and we had a cockroach problem but we haven't had them since.

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Dont move to Thorncliffe. What you see is exactly
what you are going to have to deal with and its just getting worst Its a slum and not the high standard of living it was 35 years ago. It will never be the same for many reasons. Moved out years ago.

All the buildings in that area should be knocked down and that will be a sure way to get rid of the bed bugs.

You can also thank the people who are out of their minds and telling everyone what is good for them and bad. . DDT is the only chemical that will get rid of bedbugs. .It did 60+ years ago and it worked 150%,

You can wash your things constantly and put all your life in plastic bags as much as you want, spray your apartment, have it fumigated, duck tape your baseboards and everythin

g else. including throwing out your entire life, including furniture. .The eggs will still be somewhere you've missed. None of the above works 100% .Its options that you will have to keep doing over and over again.

DDT is now banned, but is a one time deal and it kills everything in one go. You need a strong
chemical for these things, because they are very, very difficult to get rid of.

If one person has them near you, building management should be fumigating the entire building and all the units at the same time over a few days. Don't hold your breath and think they will. .they won't, because they have more rights then you do. You rent, they own, its private property and they will do the minimum and basically if you don't like it, then move. They will rent it out to the next person, at an even higher rent because they can and its a win, win for them.

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I agree that this place has bed bugs (friend of mine is currently dealing with it) but to all the people here being racist against indians, shut the hell up, it was probably your nasty self that brought them in and being racist doesn't help. You don't like em? move your ignorant selves out.

Bedbugs Mice Rats Roches we got them all here in this building i recomande you guys to never come here the worst building in the world 15-20 years ago nothing but all the indians came here and made it a mess manger doesent care about anything the worst i will give it a ratin of----------------------0000000000000000000000

Omfg...properly a Indian that's complaining..you nasty...look at your country...shit everywhere..I kno ppl liveing there 15 plus years and there unit is fine...go shower before you say anything...thorncliffe was a great place 15 yrs ago...

I lived here for 2 years and saw aprox 2 roaches. These people below me are obviously disgruntlement old residents, or filthy people. Maybe if all you Pakis didn't try to live with 10 people in a one bedroom you wouldn't have bugs.

65 thorncliff apartment is a really NASTY Building....its full of BED BUGS....when you go there u cannot see da bedbugs but you get biten all over...last time i went there i got biten on my eyes and all over my hands n legs...my eye looked like i got into a fight stayed like that for weeks....its a building filled with disgusting people that are not resposnsibiole for their actions and liter like theres no tomorw....the management is cheap and doesnt wna do anythin abt it,..i recommend that no o

ne buys a house in thorncliff everyone els to move out of dat building or they will be infected by bedbugs all their lives

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This building is disgusting. The building owners knwos there is a bed bug infestation and do not like doing anyhting aboutthe issdue. instead they make u buy bed bug spray from them to use . it their building yet u pay for the extra cost.
this is all due to people that live their . they pick up garbage sofa and all that extra from garbage bins in the back. Thorncliffe OVERALL IS THE WORST PALCE TO LIVE WITH ALL THE BED BUG INFESTATION. 71 75 79 65 45 50 51 ALL THOSE BUILDING HAVE BEDBUGS

Bedbugs , roches , rats and mices all are here on every floor. Managment refuses to call any one, they know about all of the problems . Dont move in here . you would loose all your belonging.

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