53 Thorncliffe Park Dr
Toronto, ON M4H

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i have been looking for an apartment and every building on thorncliffe park seems to have in infestation of not only bed bugs but roaches as well, and, most tenants are saying that little to nothing is being done about this problem and some of the buildings are having heating and other repair issues (tho i don't know anyone in 53 to ask if this is true here too. I am not moving into any of these buildings

There is a bed bug problem in the building. I am surprised that there was only one report so I thought I would confirm it.

I recently moved into 53 Thorncliffe park. I didn't see a single bedbug report, so naturally I wasn't worried. We moved in september 30th, and that evening, I found 2 dead bedbugs on the floor of our bedroom. I had never seen one before, so I wasn't sure what they were. The next day, sure enough, I found about 8 more on the floor, not dead, but hardly moving. I googled common bugs, and it turns out they were bed bugs. I called the superintendent, and not only did she not sound surprised, but she

told me I would have to wait until the 3rd to hear back about a plan. I saved the bugs on pieces of tape, and I've been avoiding unpacking. I went online looking for ways to kill them, and found out people use a powder. The weird part was, when I moved in, I found traces of white powder along the living room base boards and all over the bathroom. I hadn't thought much of it, maybe just cleaning product. I'm beyond disgusted that they would let us move into a previously treated and infested apartment and not notify us. All last night bed bugs, young, very small, scoured our walls in just about every single room of our apartment. i'm scared and disgusted, looking for some answers. Does anyone else in the building have this problem?

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