Gerrard St E
Toronto, ON M4E

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The landlord is a bully, no question about it.

This building used to be under great management but since DINCO HOLDINGS took over, it has been a mess.

Not only have we had to fight bed bugs, mold, roaches, mice, leaks and ants by ourselves, the landlord has harassed and attempted to bully and threaten us on many occassions.

When they decided they wanted us out of the unit so that they could renovate it and raise rent (Little India is on the upswing) they proceeded to start losing our c

hecks/not cashing them and filing for eviction as if we never paid them. When we switched to CERTIFIED CHECKS (for the uninformed that means checks for which the bank has already set aside the money so they -always clear-), the bogus eviction attemps continued.

He has screamed at me, physically intimidated me, and tried to force himself in to the apartment when only women were home on multiple occasions.

Living here started out great, but Dinco Holdings turned this building in to a nightmare.

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Not only are there bed bugs in this building, there are roaches, ants, mold, water leaks, broken doors and cracked dry wall. I am moving out early due to all this, and I keep seeing people come in to look at the place I wish I could warn them so let's hope people check here, i know i always do. The landlord SUCKS, cant speak any english and never fixes anything. I've had a water leak and mold in my hallway for 3 months and sent a total of 6 emails and he didnt do anything. He fumigated but i sti

ll see them because they come in through walls....guess he only did my apartment not the whole building. and not that it is relevant but its SUPER loud...crackhead bar across the street and a Pakistani prayer room below that are always singing/yelling super loud at all hours of the day/night DO NOT MOVE HERE.

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1328 gerrard st east. Loads of bed bugs and the land lord doesn't care. Do not live here! Have had them for a couple months now

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