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They're in the walls now, that's how they travel. I've seen them coming out through the caulking around the bathtub! Between them and the druggies, the building is lost! And last night they pulled out another body from one of the rooms. They said, a young lady, probably drugs.

Came to this building to do a cable repair. You can literally see bugs in the common areas, ie hallways, lobbys, absolutely disgusting. I would live under a bridge before I would move in here. February 5 2012

there was report for 1080 kingston rd. building apartment for bedbugs probably they are still there but this woman moved out. this building getting worst not only that but there are more things, marijuana pots smell, disgustings smells commes from other apartments and the rent went up just because they start repearing.

One of the most seriously infested seniors' rental buildings owned by Toronto Housing. A large number of tenants were moved here from Regent Park when that was closed, and they brought along their bed bug problems with them.

I moved in about 6 months ago and the bedbugs soon became apparent. I was not forewarned that the unit had been infested. Apparently when the new superintendent started his job, all the old records were lost. The place was sprayed a number of time for the previous tenant,

until she died. Afterwards the kitchen cupboards were replaced, but this did not stop the bedbugs from re-appearing.

Being hypersensitive to all chemicals I initially refused the treatment which was offered by the contracted pest control company. So steam was used as an alternative, with temporary results. Sealing the baseboards was also quite effective. Then I agreed to try the chemical spray with better results, but I became quite ill with lupus which was contracted from the hundreds of insect bites, according to my doctor. The superintendent was quite unsympathetic through most of this, preferring to communicate with me by shouting in a very loud voice.

My doctor suggested taking a daily dosage of 300 mg Vitamin B1 as this is commonly used to keep mosquitoes away. This worked 100% and the bedbugs disappeared. The super. would not listen to this, making me wonder if he is getting payola. One day the pest control officer showed up at the door quite unexpectedly; he admitted knowing all about the Vitamin B1 routine. Obviously that information is bad for the $ Billion pest control industry and is being kept quiet, even on the internet!

Huge piles of perfectly good (but infested) furniture are thrown out weekly, and this is also very sad.

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My mother also lives in this building and had an issue with bed bugs. But when she informed the super of this he had her treated 2 days later and a follow up treatment three weeks after that. To prepare was a little bit of work yes, but well worth it.
When visiting her I have noticed the state of many of the apartments in this building, to say they are disgusting would be being nice about it. If tenants do not want to take an active role in reporting, actually preparing properly and keeping th

e unit clean, then THEY are the issue.
My mother also just received the kitchen renovation and I have to say that it looks fantastic and really gives her a little bit more pride for where she lives.
As for being treated to protect the workers as stated by “Senior” of course they want to be protected. Can you imagine going to work, improving someone’s quality of life and then taking home bed bugs to your home and family…? All because this or that person did not report the issue or even worse, wasted the time and money of building staff, pest control technician and honestly the tax payers who are ultimately paying for the majority of work being done within Toronto Community housing (including these treatments) by not being prepared properly.
I have inquired as to how many times a unit can be treated before a cost is incurred by occupant and the response I received was “a charge will not be incurred unless the tenant is not prepared” they only stipulation I was given was that there has to be a minimum of two weeks between treatments.
I think it is time for people to stop complaining and become part of the solution.

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There are still bedbugs at Glen Stewart Manor. Toronto Community Housing is conducting a replacement program of some kitchens and bathrooms within the building. Those units identified as eligible for this have been inspected for cockroaches and bedbugs. This has been explained as needed to avoid having the contractors exposed to these pests. Other than this bedbugs are handled on a per complaint basis. There is no spraying of adjacent units so reinfestation is quite common. TCHC has informed me

that current guidelines allow for two treatments per year after which tenants must pay. There are plastic bags available for the proper disposal of mattresses and upholstery but they are not always used.

This is a seniors building so some residents are unable to cope with the preparation for bedbug treatments.

Toronto Star May 02 2009:
Departing Toronto Community Housing CEO Derek Ballantyne says the public harbours an "unrealistic expectation" that his agency can serve as a "care institution."

"When we are aware of individual hardship cases, people having difficulty maintaining their tenancy on their own, we will intervene in the best way we can - which is to connect them to publicly available services, agencies, public health, medical support systems and so on."

But it's "unrealistic" to expect that his organization has the funding and capacity to become a "care institution," Ballantyne said.

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The Glen Manor, is a Senior's Toronto Housing Building with a large infestation of Bed Bugs.

My father moved into this building in 2005 has had 19 fumigations. The bed bugs keep coming back - as the infestation is throughout the entire building.

It is a very sad situation as this is one of Toronto's affordable housing options for seniors. It has been even more difficult to watch senior's throwing out the contents of there homes and having to deal with the rigorous cleaning required to

prep for the consistent fumigations at this late stage in their life.

My father has tried to seek compensation for the furniture lost and/or moving costs to a safe building to no avail - Toronto Housing considers the bed infestation as only a nuisance.

The trauma that has ensued as the result of the infestation on Seniors who are unable to move (because of age or low income) is unconscionable.

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