751 Woodbine Ave
Toronto, ON M4E

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Little miss anonymous. You my dear are an idiot. Your personal taxes contribute so little that community housing is not 1 of them. Price for affordable housing its on or below market value which means that the property owners or government are not making profit. Get over your prejudice racist ass. And you should be proud to help your fellow man. Who cares where people come from. You are what's wrong with society not people needing affordable housing.SHAME ON YOU.

I have lived in this building for over 10 years and at one time did have an infestation of bed bugs on one occasion only. Also on one occasion the landlord brought in a new fridge for me, and it contained 'roaches. I have an ozone generator and it killed both of these types of critters in my apartment, but I still routinely see the bug exterminators in and out of the building 'til this day.
I can't say too much good about this landlord, and yes they are Hungarian and 90% of their tenants in the

5 buildings they own in Toronto are also Hungarian. Many of these units are government subsidized housing ...paid for by the taxpayers.
NOTE: I would like to urge anyone with bed bug problems to look into purchasing an ozone generator for home use. It's the only thing that is protecting me from being infested.

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Came for an install. Unit was infested with bedbugs and roaches. Disgusting. Drug addicts. Management company is eastern euro and don't care about anything except vodka, yelling at people, and the rent. Never expect them to fix or spray. Don't move here whatever you do.

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