680 Kingston Rd
Toronto, ON M4E

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The bed bugs originated in our complex at 680 Kingston Rd. which is connected by an underground parking to 11 Main St.

the problem did not originally get reported until there were three apartments on the sixth floor of 680 Kingston Rd. were totally infested which had to take at least six months to become that badly infested five life stages and eggs hatching every two weeks.

My father lives on the 6th floor of this government-funded building. He had major issues with bedbugs all last fall and winter, with the building having his mattress replaced, and sprayed several times.

This is a senior's building, and apparently they were brought in my another resident who had been staying in hospital. Actually I'm surprised this is the first report here for this building, since the whole building was infested.

My father never mentioned any more bites, so I thought the

issue was taken care of. However, he is currently in hospital, so I went over to get his laundry to do for him. After I put his sheets in my washing machine, I was horrified to discover that they were crawling with bedbugs. My father is quite ill and has mobility issues, so managing the laundry must have been difficult, though it's clear the bedbug issue was not taken care of in his building.

Now I'm terrified that I've brought them into my home. Everything I could I washed immediately with hot water and everything else I took out of the house.

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