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I was just looking on internet to find out more about this building and I found very disturbing things, so this building is off of my list. i lived in Toronto for 43 yrs., 10 yrs. i lived in queens st. east now i live in Barrie, On but i want to move back in Toronto in the same queen st. east. so i was looking again for some nice one bedroom apartment or some nice one bedroom bungalow. better to find out about the apartment sooner than later. but it is hard to find good dissent apartment in

a good dissent building because Toronto becomes very crowded city with so many good and bad disgusting people.

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There are bedbugs in the building, once again.

DO NOT MOVE HERE! There are bed bugs in multiple units but they only fumigate a couple apartments at a time which merely causes the bugs to move onto the next apartment. It's a never-ending cycle.

I just moved from the building after being fumigated 4 times in 3 months.

I first noticed the bug in late August 2011 and my fears were confirmed on September 1st, 2011. When I contacted the management company to tell them their response was "Oh shoot, we've fumigated so many times and they kee

p coming back."

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any information on current state of this building?

Canary Lover, Joan Piscopo is crazy. She has lived in the building for many years and it wouldn't surprise me if she was the root of or closely associated with the problem.

The building is very well maintained, the supers are fantastic and management has done everything they could possibly do to take care of the bed bug porblem. As far as I know, everything is under control and should remain that way as long as ppl don't bring in used, nasty items.

well I am a current tenant and live here at 66 beech Ave. already five years, I know the supers quite well. Yes there was a bedbug problem but it looks like it is already resolved because the management treated so many times the building and I don't hear any of my neighbours complaining any longer. It is really unpleasant, but the fact is that the building is a well cared one and we are happy now because the bedbugs are gone!If we have to complain lets say the whole truth we all need to hear it!

Hello, I am thinking of moving in this building, is there still a bed bug issue...thanks!!

My name is Peter and I am very sorry for the canary post. I am a brand new born again Christian and I want to confess my sin. I got into 66 Beech and was roaming about the halls looking for open unattended apartments and I entered one and wrote the post from canary. I don't know the supers nor do I have any experience of living there. I was just looking to steal if I could to support my drug habbit.

The supers are terrible..all they do is accuse and make threats of evictions and threaten you with lawsuits. Advent Property Manager is a horrible, mean spirited woman who is just plain nasty and does not reply to phone calls or letters faxed to her. The supers do not like pets of any kind especially dogs or birds as they are noisy and supposedly dirty. To top it off, there are a few wacko tenants in units 5 and 4 who go off their meds when they drink.

The bed bugs are a problem for all but w

hat is worse is the supers and the property management.

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I have been living here in the building since 2000 this, Bed Bug Reportin has been going on in this building since 2009. Apts that have had bed bugs have been Apts. 10 originally, and then they moved to Apts, 14 and Apts, 2 and 3. Who brought them in is anybody's guess. It could have been a guest, or a tenant, or even the postman or a repair man. No one should be accusing anyone. You can pick up bed bugs in the Movie Theatres, hotels, cabs, restaurants, and public transportation. Shame on those

people who want to blame it on any tenant just because they do not like the person living in Apt. 3.

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It's #3, he is the one bringing them into our building! As a tenant that has lived here for years, I feel as though we should apporoach this guy.

Just a thought.

I currently live at 66 Beech Ave. Since I moved in I have been informed by current and past tenants that there was a huge bed bug problem, if I had known this I would have never moved in. I was in constant fear of getting them because so many units had already found them and now I officially do have bed bugs in my apartment. The super and Advent Property are not doing enough to control the problem. The entire building needs to be sprayed. I can't believe that I pay my rent and utilities to

live in constant fear of having bed bugs, and now getting bitten. Every time they spray I have to wash all of my towels, linens, clothes, I have had to buy mattress and boxspring covers which were $120, I have had to buy plastic containers to store everything I own in. It is no way to live, I am so disappointed in this building and would never recomend anyone living here.

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Same here .. the bb's showed up this summer (July'ish) and have still not left.
Luckily they are not crazy bad, as I would loose it on the super!
I have had my place sprayed 3x and still they keep showing up.
This is an old building and I am under the impression that they never get rid of these bugs, as there are just too many hiding places that they can live.
For some reason I am not showing signs of being bitten .. not sure why though, as I have found and squashed too many to count, and th

ey do have blood in them!
Every night I rebuild my bed to check that it is clean of these pests.
If I had the money, I would leave, but that would not guarantee these bugs would not follow me to my next location... and it only takes 1 to start off again!

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Discovered bed bugs in the apartment middle of september, had the place fumigated, and a week later was still getting bitten.
I'm pretty sure many more of the apartments are infested or will be eventually, so unfortunately i moved out 2 months early losing my rent and last months deposit. Not worth the mental anxiety and stress. Despite friendly management and great location, would NOT reccomend moving into this building!

I am a long time tenant of 66 Beech Avenue and a friend of mine who lives in the building did have bed bugs in her unit, management was quick to respond and have her unit sprayed twice...and now they are gone!! The supers were great in telling her how to prepare and rectifying the problem.

Moved in at the end of June, 2010.

Sometime in late July, we started hearing about how tenants in the building were having problems with Bedbugs, and one had already moved out because of it. A few weeks later, I found two live bugs in our bedroom, one on the floor and one between our matress and boxspring.

The supers had our place sprayed on Aug. 10th, after which all we found were two dead bugs on seperate occasions. They sprayed again to be safe on Sept. 8th, and we found one more LIVE b

ug on the floor this morning. We threw out our boxspring yesterday to be safe, and bought a new bedframe.

The supers are very apologetic and offering to spray again if necessary. They are pretty sure which tenant brought them into the building, and are rather upset that this tenant did nothing to treat his OWN bedbug infestation, until someone else reported it.

To date, I believe 5 units have been treated in the building, including our own.

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Wed May 26, 2010

After three weeks of first treating my apartment and having thrown out my bed, I have resorted to sleeping on my couch. Tonight I discovered one crawling next to me and when I turned the couch upside-down, I discovered 7 more lurking around the hem.

I have only been here 6 months and so far I have caught umpteen silverfish, about 20 mice, and now bed bugs that won't leave.

I would not only warn you about this old building, but fully advise against moving in. No matter

how good the rent is - it's not worth the sleepless nights and anxieties that come with it.

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