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Any improvements?

anon, I live on the 3rd floor as well and have had problems. Started in Sept 2014 and it's been two months since they sprayed. Just found another one in my bed, not sure if I'll find more since I've taken extra precautions this time to help fight them.

This building had an alert, and pest control came to check every apartment. 3 wks after the alert I had bedbugs in my unit (3rd floor). Professional pest control has treated my unit 2X so far. 1 week after the 2nd treatment (Oct 2014) and the small, newly hatched babies have re-appeared and are biting/feeding.

I've had bed bug issues twice, and I couldn't figure out why they kept coming back, until my boyfriend mentioned a conversation he had overheard in the hallway. The superintendent was speaking to a tenant who was preparing to spray, and told him that the correct way to prepare was to wrap everything he owned in plastic and leave it there for two weeks after the spraying. This directly contradicts the instructions from the exterminators that tells you to launder EVERYTHING you can (and dry clean

what you can't), and then bring it back once the unit has been sprayed. No wonder they aren't dying! My other neighbor was involved in the conversation as well, and said she had had them ALL SUMMER, and had never scheduled a spraying or even reported it. No wonder I keep getting them! As soon as it is feasible I will be moving out, there is no reason to stay in a building that's crumbling to pieces and so badly managed.

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thank you to everyone for sharing the information. why do they keep coming back? can anyone share if this is an issue with the management or the tenants? still something you're dealing with? i'm looking at an apt here but wont take it if bedbugs are still an issue. thanks for your info!

To "anonymous" who left the most recent post,
If you don't mind me asking, what unit are you in? I'm the unhappy tenant who had posted prior to you. I have bed bugs again as well, and I am trying to find tenants who have the same problem together so we can speak with Louise about other treatment options. Good luck! And I promise I am not one of those dirty tenants bringing in the garbage!

I am "anonymous" from January 15th/20th of 2012. The bugs are back, this time I actually found one crawling on my bedspread (although I have been noticing bites as well). Management has been prompt about scheduling a spraying, but once again I will have to relocate my animals for the day, and have all my clothing professionally laundered. I'm getting very frustrated, as fumigating a single apartment at a time will not correct the issue (especially since my neighbors still insist on bringing thin

gs in from the trash).

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I moved into this building in May 2012.. Never had any issues with bed bugs at my previous residence, and by June - not even 2 months into our tenancy, we had discovered bed bugs. I have been informed by property management that the people above me and beside me also have them. Our unit has now been treated twice, but unfortunately you only have control over your own unit.. The people above me are crazy slobs who undoubtedly didn't prepare properly, so it is probably only a matter of time before

the bugs are back. Every time the property management treats a unit, the tenant is financially responsible for all the preparation costs as well as the hours of work that goes along with it. I would HIGHLY recommend not moving into this building and getting trapped into a lease here.
Wanted to leave this comment because I notices there weren't any recent posts, but this building definitely has bed bugs and the pest control people are here every week. Oh, and we also don't have heat! Horrible.

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Thanks a lot! Hopefully it all works out. I'm very happy to be moving there..

To follow up on my comment below, I called the super on Monday and within an hour she had scheduled a spraying for the following day, I couldn't be happier with the response! I plan to spray my bedroom and living room with Raid once a month on my own in order to avoid a re-peat infestation. In the meantime I'm out $250 for dry cleaning and laundry, but I suppose that's a small price to pay to live bug free :-/

I moved in to this building September 2011, and was told that although the other building had at one point had bed bugs, my building never had. As far as I know I had not been bitten, until this morning. I woke up to find my lower back covered in bright pink welts, not itchy, but very noticeable and in the trademark "breakfast, lunch, dinner" pattern that is characteristic of bed bugs. I have yet to see a bug or evidence other than my bits, but I will be notifying the landlords immediately.


ide note, my neighbors are disgusting, filthy, and fully admit to hauling things in from the trash. DO NOT DO THIS!! Free is never a good enough reason to risk bed bugs!

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I am moving into this building in a few weeks and would like to know any bb updates? Thx.

I am presently living at 2451 Queens St. East. I have been living at this address for the last five months. I have not had any problems with bed bugs at all.

What a joke. Either Paul doesn't actually live in the building, or someone is paying him to say something that is total crap. I've lived here for a year and a half, and my neighbor has had them twice. I also know of at least 5 or 6 more tenants who have had issues. The current super is good, she does take care of the issues as best as she can. Bedbugs are not a blame game issue, but at least get real! There ARE bedbugs in the building just as there are in other buildings in the area. I've been l

ucky thus far, but I am VERY careful. Perhaps if people would stop dragging in second hand crap, we wouldn't have such a serious problem.

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I live in the building next door and have been living here for the past 6 years. The postings that went up about bed bugs were all from a previous superintendent who got fired for not doing her job. She kept a sloppy place and blamed everything on the landlord, adisgrunted ex employee. I know most of the tenants in that building as I have been here for 6 years.There are no bed bugs in that building and 30 other tenants can vouch the same. May 2010

I live here and have been trying to get rid of bugs for over six months. Quasia root powder from Thuna's on the Danforth and constant washing have helped, but not eliminated, the problem. I live on the second floor.

I also must add that these reports are true.
I briefly worked for the management company at the said address, and I personally handled the calls for one of the infested units. I was told by the landlord to tell the tenants that it is their sole responsibilty to deal with the problem, as it is something they must have brought in with them from elsewhere. As disgusted as I was to have to deal with the situation this way, it was my job at the time. The worst part of this situation is that just by

working at the building, I brought home the bugs with me somehow, as we ended up with them a month or so later. Myself, my husband and my child suffered immense financial, physical and mental stresses due to this. The bedbug problem in this group of buildings is worse than the tenants know...indeed, I never entered the infected units, so I must have picked them up in the hallways or common areas i.e. laundry room of the buildings.
A very sad situation, as this landlord is very negligent in general, and there are many good, hard working people in the buildings. My advice is get out while you can, if you can.

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I read the above report from the other tenants at 2451 Queen St E in Toronto and can confirm everything that was said is true without exageration.
The landlord has attempted to prevent comunnications between tenants on this matter by removing any notices posted in the building. Also, they have slid letters under our doors which allege the problem is isolated to a couple units and that "their" pest control company is dealing with the issue. (with providing a proper report from the peat co.

I have spoken to a pest control pro and was informed that kind of approach is ineffective and simply lip service intended to save the landlord from spending the money necessary to tackle the issue.
This landlord delivers threats and intimidation rather than a safe healthy living space.

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2451 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M4E 1H7

We (the tenants) have heard of bed bug infestations from tenants in our apartment building on all four floors going back to more than a year ago. Up until now tenants move in, report being bitten, get blamed by the landlord, and then they move out (possibly carrying the bugs with them wherever they go).

At this point we are gathering and sharing information, organizing a tenants meeting, making multiple calls to Toronto Public Health aski

ng for a building inspection, and demanding that the landlord hire a professional who knows how to handle bedbugs to spray the building.

The landlord is dragging his feet, trying to blame a single tenant who has just moved out, lying to us in saying that only one apartment has the bugs, and also implying that those of us who are expressing concern and asking for a proper pesticide treatment are over-reacting and need to calm down. Apparently he plans on only spraying the one unit he claims is infested, and he's tried to shame and discourage those of us who have been vocal about wanting our units sprayed. So far he won't even begin to consider that the whole building may need to be treated.

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