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Toronto, ON M4E

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There are bedbugs here.

I've been living here for a while now, and I can say with confidence there are no bed bugs here. Once a month I will see a spider or centipede, but that's all. Do not fear!


She first reported a problem to the owners on July 4th, she was treated the following week July 13th and has had a followup treatment July 30, 2012. She's upset at having bed bugs, that's understandable but that's no reason to lie about how her landlord responded.

Just a follow up to my last post...

After three weeks of waiting the building finally got someone in to look at the bugs - bed bugs were confirmed and the building fumigated... BUT not the entire floor like they were supposed to but just our apartment... That was 2 weeks ago... We got a text from our neighbour last night saying that she has beg bugs..........


I think that our apartment has bed bugs! At first my doctor thought that I had a skin infection but is now thinking that I am being bitten. I have bites all over my body. I decided to spend time (a week) away from the apartment to see if the apartment was in fact that problem... Over the week that I spent away from the apartment the bumps went away. The first night back at the apartment I got "eaten alive"!

After examining our mattress I found a couple bugs crawling around that

look small and translucent and maybe red..? It is hard to say.

This situation does not surprise me however; We have lived in this building for almost a year and it is disgusting! The building is not at all maintained and management exudes an "I don't give a shit attitude"... As long as the rent is paid they do not bother with tenants from my experience.

This building has brought us nothing but problems and now we can add bed bugs to that growing list! I would not recommend any of these building to anyone - not even my worst enemy (that's how bad it is here...)

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I live in this building and have been living here for the past 6 years. The postings that went up about bed bugs were all from a previous superintendent who got fired for not doing her job. She kept a sloppy place and blamed everything on the landlord, adisgrunted ex employee. There are no bed bugs in this building and 29 other tenants can vouch the same. May 2010

Christ!! Saw two bedbugs today. I even caught one on a piece of tape. just moved in...I was never told by the superintendent that they had an ongoing problem of bedbugs in these buildings. Clearly the landlords are slumlords. They obviously won't do enough to stop the problem.
They don't give a toss whether peoples lives are ruined, they don't care how much it costs to move in and out. They don't care if it's a new tenant every month. They are scum.

We moved into this apartment building in March 2009. At no time did the management of the building give us any indication that a constant bed bug issue was in progress.

Since this time we have had to through out all furniture and a 3 month old bed due to this issue.

Management was notified and we were told that it is a big problem...Why are these units still being rented when the problem still presents itself. At no time were we told about the issue and disclosure was never given.

I s

ee people move in one month and out the next. This has to stop.

Totally frustrated

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