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After six months of spraying in our unit with no success and a lot of stress and upheaval, I finally discovered bedbugs were walking through my unit door after putting some double sided tape at the entrance. I'm very frustrated with management who should have inspected the entire building at the first sign of bedbugs and treated thoroughly preventing spread of problem.The pest company came and inspected a few times and said we didn't have any signs of bedbugs even though we were able to find th

em ourselves so I have lost faith in their abilities. I have endured treatments over and over again while bugs walk right back into the unit afterwards. I have also seen bugs in the hallways moving in full daylight. I can't imagine how big the infestation must be, but it must be throughout the entire building by now. I fulfilled my responsibilities as a tenant, reporting the problem, preparing the unit over and over again for treatment but management did not do everything they could to ensure the problem did not spread. Please do not move into this building or any other owned by this company.

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Bed bugs not only in units but in all hallways.

Many units are infested with bed bugs.

Management only treats the affected units.

Management does not do a preventive treatment to units beside, below, or above affected units.

Management uses the same pest control company, which never does a very good job.

Management treated hallways on all three levels. Not stairwells. If bed bugs got into hallways, than more than likely got into stairwells as well.

In order to remedy the si

tuation, management needs to treat the whole building and not bits and pieces.

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Bedbugs have been reported many times from apartments as far back as 2014. 4 apartments and all hallways have now reached infestation level. Bedbugs have been seen crawling on walls. Public Health office is involved. More tenants reporting sightings and bites. Pest company and owners/management not dealing with problem effectively and telling incoming tenants problem is resolved or doesn't exist.

Bedbugs in mass amount reported to management in the last two months alone same exterminator hired by the landlord and not doing anything but promises thinking of moving asap, renters beware of this slumberous.

Bed bugs again in this building. More than 1 apartment now has them. Management is only treating the units affected, not the whole building. Exterminator wasn't even going to do the electrical outlets in my unit which are against the unit affected, until I told him to do it properly. Both management nor exterminator doing proper job. Management needs to start hiring reputable company to do the spraying. This company that does the treatment, gets poor reviews.

Bed Bugs reported in more apartments. Treatment not working. More treatments are happening on Monday for only CERTAIN apartments. No full building treatment occurring. I can't see the problem stopping with this course of action.

Still getting bites immediately after 3 treatments. Possibly exterminator isn't doing a proper job as no dust left after spraying.

Bed bugs once again. Management is bringing in the same exterminator again and only treating the unit that has the bugs, and the units beside, above and below. This has been a problem several times before, perhaps management needs to bring in another exterminator and treat the whole building.

Bedbugs being treated by a exterminator in individual units and not entire building- it is likely they will spread or reoccur.

Management seems to be not doing job in eliminating bed bugs.
Perhaps management needs to hire a company that does the treatment properly. I have reviewed the company that does the treatment, and the company does not get good reviews. But then again, management isn't smart either.

october 2015- bed bugs found in unit

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