11 Main St
Toronto, ON M4E

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LOL why bother with these reports? really...Check the map...the most shit areas are the ones with bed bugs..what else is new. Stop moving into these shitholes. ffs

11 Main St. and 680 Kingston Rd. are connected together by the underground parking, building garbage room is at 11 Main.
The problem started at 680 Kingston Rd. the whole 6th floor was infested by someone who had them and didn't bother reporting the problem to the building management until two or three units had them. The Bed Bugs spread within the building two different units on different floors, someone on the second floor had them and one day counted them and without moving their heads they

counted 100 bed bugs and stopped counting.

At 11 Main St. there has been about six or seven unit throughout the building that have or had them.

The property management when contacted, don't hesitate to arrange pest control spraying. Although the pest control company (one- show) does not do a great job, you wash and dry clothing and beloved preparation you are told to do by the information received from the property management. And the pest control comes in and does not turn the bed on the side to check or find bugs/eggs. After the fourth spraying and still finding them I flipped the bed up and there was a count of at least 100 visible eggs and live ones as well. (If the pest-control person turn the bed up in the first place and actually sprayed or powdered the bottom it may have done something to get rid of them sooner) a number of people have commented that the pest control person is in the unit no more than three minutes tops, so do not think he is doing a proper or thorough job. I found out about bug and scrub and gave them a call about hot steam spraying and was told I had to call the public health department for them to come and inspect the unit and they in turn would contact bug and scrub to proceed. It took two weeks for the public health department to call back to arrange an inspection. In the meantime I found another company premium bed bug prep who came in inspected gave me a quote, within the week they steam sprayed all furniture, bed, bedroom furniture, all baseboards and calking top and bottom of baseboards and underneath switch and receptacle plates, followed the same day with the pest-control spraying and powdering. I have not seen and bed bug in four weeks. I have also been spraying every 2 1/2 weeks with spray and powder purchased at AETNA pest control for the do it yourself approach. And for the public health department being government red tape, they are their own worst enemy for the problems, I told them I could not wait for them forever that I have had another company come in and steam spray followed by the pest-control the week before, so forget it.

In apartment buildings the biggest problem is people tend to drag infested mattresses and furniture through the halls dropping bugs off along the way to the garbage room or an outside area on the street, which entices people to rummage through and take furniture and other items with them bed bugs and all with them unbeknown. (One persons garbage is another's treasures) some people also will not notify the property management when they have a bug problem of any type, which escalates the problem.

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