Crescent Pl
Toronto, ON M4C

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***PLS ALSO CHECK: 7 Crescent Place, 9 Crescent Place, Crescent Pl and Crescent Town Rd. ***

I went to visit a friend in this building and upon exiting onto her floor (4th) we noticed an East Indian family dragging a single BARE mattress along the carpet and onto the elevator. Each family member carried a piece of the wooden bed frame out of the apartment and onto the elevator with them. My friend asked if they had bugs, they sighed and said yes.

I was appalled that they hadn't wrapped

the mattress before dragging it through the building and asked my friend if she was worried about getting bedbugs. When we got into her apartment, she opened a large closet and I couldn't help but notice the LARGE fogger and the numerous cans of bug spray inside. She said she was prepared.

Nonetheless, I rolled up my pant legs to my knees, refused to remove my shoes and didn't sit on anything other than a metal chair.

11 Crescent Place is the lower unit of this complex of high rises. It's not in the greatest shape, but it's not DISGUSTING either.

I, personally, would not live here. Not even Martha Stewart could make me feel comfortable enough to move my personal belongings into this place. Any money you save on rent will go towards buying new furniture.

******* STAY AWAY!! ***********

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