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Cockroaches, cockroaches, cockroaches. Oh, and did I mention bed bugs? This building is DISGUSTING!! We also have 2 outlets that don't work (probably dangerous), shower tiles that are basically falling off (any day now there'll be a hole into the adjacent bedroom closet), floor tiles coming up in EVERY room, drywall falling apart... I could go on and on... and on. Management does NOTHING to help. To be honest, I'm not even sure this building has a management team. No one ever answers the phone

or returns my calls. Preston Group (company that owns the building) isn't much help either. They say "I can't believe that ____ (insert building manager of the weeks name here) wouldn't respond to you. We aren't aware of any issues at 90 Eastdale. Please try contacting the building manager again." Gee, thanks for nothing! We've lived here on the 22nd for 4 years and had a great experience the first 2-2.5. Too bad it couldn't have stayed that way. Now it's my worst nightmare. Can't wait to say good riddance.

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I have had the unfortunate experience of living in this apartment building on the 16th floor for approximately 3 years. Although I have not had any bedbug infestations, cockroaches have been a serious problem. And by "cockroaches", I am not only referring to the insect variety but also to many of the other tenants. Other tenants (or their guests) have repeatedly thrown beer bottles, partially-eaten fruits, burning cigarettes, garbage and bags of dog excrement from their balconies onto the vehi

cles parked below in the parking lots. Significant damage has been done and these scumbags will never be found out or punished. In addition, tenants (or their guests) routinely occupy the designated parking spots of other tenants. Finally, the abysmal design of the building ensures all the cigarette and marijuana smoke emanating from the west-facing units is sucked into the east-facing units. Management refuses to admit there is a problem, let alone address our concerns. I will be moving out as soon as finances allow.

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Two months ago we got a notice that a unit nearby had bed bugs, they came in a did a preventative 'dusting' in all the electrical sockets. Well that didn't work because now I have bed bugs and they refuse to do a heat treatment, only chemical spray, only heat treatments kill every stage of bed bugs. I am paying myself to get a heat treament done and moving out of here!

Also, this building has a roach problem, we had roaches for 6 months.

Like “Anonymous on 10/23/2012” and “Anonymous on 01/07/2013”, I have also been living on the 24th floor for approx. 5 years. I have not had bedbug or roach problems (knock on wood, the 24th floor must be lucky).
But in other situations I agree that the Supers are difficult to deal with and generally unfriendly (except during showings when we share an elevator and she pretends to be cheery asking how I am).
And there are definitely a mix of rude tenants and lovely tenants.
Like “A

nonymous on 01/13/2013” I guess you get what you pay for; if it wasn’t so cheap we would be out of here.
And to “Anonymous on 02/04/2013”, I don’t know if we can even control our own heat; I feel that when I try to adjust the heat it doesn’t change, it’s super hot in my unit.
My biggest complaint (after the Superintendants poor attitudes) is the lack of hot water pressure in the kitchen and how slow the elevators can be, OH and that weird hydro back-pay issue that was going on, but new tenants wouldn't have to deal with that.

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To whom it may concern

My problem is that the tenant below will not keep his heat on. My place is cold all the time . even when I turn up my heat. Floors ice cold.
and they haven't did any thing about it yet.
Talk to Marg. and Head office still nothing done.
This has been going on sense Oct01/12

To whom it may concern

My problem is that the tenant below will not keep his heat on. My place is cold all the time . even when I turn up my heat. Floors ice cold.
and they haven't did any thing about it yet.
Talk to Marg. and Head office still nothing done.
This has been going on sense Oct01/12

Totally agree!!

I'm living on 18th floor. One of my neighbours is a drug addict who's living on government money.

How the hell did the landlord let this kind of scumbag get into the building if they really care about your credit??????

LOL, it's fun to see how screwed up this building is.
I've been living in this building for 3 yrs. And I'm encountering roaches everyday in my kitchen. I'm a clean person. No garbage left in the kitchen, no dishes left in the sink over night. Still there are hordes of roaches in there.

The reason I'm living here is that it's cheap. For less than 900 bucks per month, you can get a large one bedroom. That's all.

The neighbourhood sucks, the bugs here are horrible. But what do you expect?

I just dont like the idea that the management checks applicant's credit history in order to let them rent this shitty place. What a joke! There are tons of ppl living off the government who dwell in this building.

If you have a few more hundred dollars to blow, look somewhere else. This is not a pleasant place to live.

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Margaretta!! Please don't write this kind of review again.90 Eastdale is the worst building I have ever seen.

I have been living @ 90 Eastdale Ave (24th floor) since March 2009..........and have not encountered a single bedbug.

Yes, there have been a couple of roaches every so often.....but a complaint to the superintendant, has always resulted in rapid spraying.

Take a good hard look at your neighbours (side to side as well as up & down).....and then decide who is at fault for encouraging the bugs !!!!

As far as I can see....Margaret, Andy and the assistants, plus the cleaning staff do a great

job......unfortunately, its the tenants who create the problems.

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There r bunch of poor refugees and drug addicts living in this building. They dont care much. I was living in this building and just moved out recently. Dont bother about sueing them. Just get the hell out of there, bro.

Why dont we gather all units with infection and sue the company together?

You can sue them.

Does anybody know how to get some compinsation for throwing out all my stuff ? The building should be responsible in some way??

This building is so gross! They spray every other week for roaches but they just get worse.... Now it is infested with bed bugs too!! never move into this building.... I am desperatly trying to get out now!! I have The worst rash you have ever seen from them.... Arms, hands ,feet , legs , Whole body pretty much!! So itchy and bad looking/....

This building is so gross! They spray every other week for roaches but they just get worse.... Now it is infested with bed bugs too!! never move into this building.... I am desperatly trying to get out now!!

The bug cleaning guys showed up about a month ago. We were told that after they sprayed the chemicals, there will be more roaches seen than before but eventually the bugs will die out.
One month has passed, we did see more and more roaches crawling on the floor and in the cabinet, however, there is no sign of them leaving my apartment.

Be aware when you check this apartment to rent, the super intendent lies!!

To be specific, the "weirdos", you mean crack heads. There are alot of them here tho.

I lived here for a year and a half 2011-2012 on the 24th floor, never saw any sign of bedbugs or roaches. Had the pest control company come in to check for both bedbugs and roaches and nothing was found. Was paranoid that we were going to have a problem because of all the reports, but never did. It isn't everywhere yet; but, I assume it is only a matter of time. There are lots of weirdos in the building however.

I just moved in here not too long ago and I haven't had any problems with bed bugs (I also have a new mattress) but the roaches that's another story... had a whole lot of them but it's very unsettling to see cockroaches running around your kitchen near your food... ugh there's too many crooks and crannies for them to hide in...

There are bedbugs and roaches everywhere. Only been living here for a few months. Can't wait to get out of here.

People, Please check the cabinets in the kitchen before deciding to move into this building. Especially the corners of the cabinets if there are any cockroach droppings.

I've lived in this building for almost two years. Now, the roaches are everywhere. They are all hiding in the corners or gaps that you can hardly reach. Even with spray or trap, the roaches just keep multiplying.

The building should be burned for sanitization!!!!

The cockroach problem is getting ridiculous. They come out in broad daylight and they're all over everything. We've seen small baby roaches by the dozens and big fat roaches in all areas of the apartment, even the bedroom! We're clean people, but the roaches are coming in from the walls. This is getting so bad.

bedbugs and roaches. Can't wait to move out!

I've been living in this building for almost two years.
I realize that I do not own my apartment. The cockroaches do!!
Every morning, I see dozens of cockroaches having "orgy" in the sink in my kitchen. No matter how many I killed, they just kept multiplying.

The worse building I ever lived.

Not to mention the murder case just happened last year and more and more drug addicts moving into the building.

One advice: never consider this place as your home!

-we have moved at 90 eastdale av feb/2012
-we found a bed bugs in our living room in the middle of march
-today march/31/2012, i found a bedbugs in my bedroom and according to few people here. this place is infested by bedbugs

I moved in April 2009 and left April 2010 as soon as my lease was up! DON'T move into this building! I didn't see any bedbugs when I lived on the 16th floor, but roaches!!! I mean the building itself is ok..I have seen alot worst. But once you move in you can't wait to get out. I will never move into this company that runs the building again. RUDE and don't care what is going on. From what I hear this place is full of bedbugs. HOW GROSS!

I lived in the 16 th floor,it`s full of bed bugs and cocroaches,what`s a dirty place to live in!!!!

I moved into this apartment building mid September. When I moved in I was told that the cockroach problem was taken care of. But from the day I moved in it was filled with roaches. I was doing all I can to kill them, but they just kept multiplying. My pet got an ear infection because of the roaches and I had to spend a couple of hundred dollars to the vet to treat him. Then I saw the first bed bug on October 17 and gave a letter informing that I will move out by end November. I got a call from t

he super saying they will spray my place for bugs in 2 weeks and I need to empty the apartment. I said I will be moving out and they can spray it after I leave. Then I didn't hear from them until they left a letter in my apartment on the second week of November saying that I have my contract till sep 2012 (which I haven't even signed yet) and my notice to vacate is not valid. I wasn't in the apartment and just got the letter last night.

Im sure going to inform health Canada about the living conditions of this place.

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Thank you so much everyone who wrote in. I almost moved in and i am soooooo glad i checked and i am NOT MOVING IN!!!!!!!!! The Management obviously doesn't care about anyone but themselves!!!! This is a disgrace and i hope you SUE THEM!!!!! PLEASE CHARGE THEM!!!!!

Been living here for over a year. While my room has not dealt with any bed bug issues, the cockroach situation is absolutely out of hand. Even with persistent cleaning and laying traps, these little buggers are multiplying within my apartment. So disgusting.

Just moved into 90 eastdale avenue in Jan 2011 and deeply regret it.i have my first bedbug problem ever in my life and im horrified. management promised me that they will send someone to spray the apartment after 2 weeks, meanwhile i have sleepless nights while these little demons multiply. im upset and angered and the managements speed when dealing with serious issues,i pay rent and deserve better treatment.What the hell is this place really?

roaches, ROACHES are taking over the building on every floor. In my Apartment, there are roaches all over the room.........from the kitchen to the bathroom....bed room, dining room..........
The management is very slow in taking action as they told me that the Pest control people will come after a month and do the spray...And during that time the roaches are multiplying ....


I Live here 90 Eastdale in 2011 I had no idea of the Bedbug situation here 3 r d Day saw them Realized they are infested not only My Floor But The Whole Building it seem s

Furniature by the fron Gearbage ( Obvious )
Regular Move Out s from the Bug Situation .
I am bitten and had after Many complaint s 1 Spraying .
I hear it takes 3 at Least Yet The Entire Buiding Must Be done to rid us of the Problem .

Dates February March Now April

2011 .

They are in the Hall s also .
Seem s Not to Be Taken seriously By Building .

Can't Live Like This ~

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This place is infested with bed bugs, I spoken to people on several floors on this building, and its spreading rapidly. Management hasnt done anything about it.

I lived on the PH floor from April 09 - August 2010, and never had a bed bug problem. I moved to main/danforth as my family had outgrown our 1 bedroom unit and have had nothing but issues with Roaches (at Main Sq) it almost made me miss 90 eastdale as we really had no issues with either bedbugs or roaches. I guess we were lucky!

Been living here with my wife for about 5 months. The only insect activity we've seen are domestic beetles that are pretty harmless. On the 12th floor, not a bedbug seen yet!

hi there,

I was the previous person who had written the long message. The management of this building gave me a letter stating that I am responsibile for 2 more months of rent. And yesterday I received a letter stating that they are ending a my tenancy and evicting me. They have no words and are speechless about the bedbugs situationn, and they want me to keep quiet about it, well I already am moving next week and have reported to Toronto Public Health, the health hazards associated with this


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I am choosing to vacant this premises due to the lack of clarity with the issue of bed bugs. I was notified approximately 2 months ago that the apartment below was infested with bed bugs, and treatment would be done, however the prevention never took place. I called the superintendent, and they hung up the phone on me.Now that they have moved to me, I was told I have to pay $160.00 in order for

my apartment to be treated or wait till October 3rd when it will be free. This has now turned into a major health hazard for me, and I dont feel safe in my apartment, as result I have to throw out everything and start my life all over due to the poor management of this building.

When I gave my notice then they were willing to spray my apartment immediately. I said no wait till I move out, and they got angry.

Now they are telling me I didnt give them 60 days to move, and they are holding me responsible for 2 months rent. Why would I stay there ? If it has bed bugs? I am moving out in 1 week.

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I notice last week i had bed bugs in my bed room. i informed management.They told me to look after it my self.

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