75 Eastdale Ave
Toronto, ON M4C

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Really Management suck and do nothing about report to bedbugs...moving out soon. Submit a report and they said they will get back to me in 3 days.Is being 2 months and still no phone call. Management just don't care. all they want is their Money.

DO NOT even think about moving here. VERY dirty Building a lot of bedbugs and cockroaches.
People sitting and smoking all the day right at the front entrance of the building.
If you are organized and clean DO NO MOVE HERE.

Bed bugs on the 15th floor. They spray poison everywhere, only for the bugs to come back a few months later. Either the management will sit on their hands or other tenants can't be bothered to keep their place clean.

Do not move in.

We found bed bugs in our apartment recently. Management hires a team to "sniff out" your apartment with insect sniffing dogs that can't find live crawling bed bugs and roaches (I can't make this stuff up). Don't move in, the price isn't worth the headache this building causes.

I moved here one year ago. When spring season arrived I saw lots of bedbugs in my new beds and furniture. Some bedbugs badly attacked my kids. I have to take them to doctor and show to property Manager. She promised me to spray pest control but I have to leave the apartment for 8 hours. I came back after 10 hours but job was not done. I call the office they replied me that pest control has done his job. Which was TOTALLY LIED. STILL lots of bedbugs.

Y GIVE you FREE. This building is more then 50 per cent VACANT BECAUSE BAD SERVICE.

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I moved in this apartment about a year and half ago. I started to see roaches couple months after, and this spring I found bed bugs. The building notified me there were bed bugs upstairs, was going to spray, but got postponed, and didn't see any evidence they did. (I work during day time, so no ones home, and when I came home everything looked same). I complained about the bugs, but didn't hear anything about the pest control. A week after, saw a couch in the hall way in front of the elevator, f

ull of bed bugs and their eggs. It was sitting there for 3 days. Still no news about pest control. I had to hire pest control myself, sprayed the whole apartment twice. Afterwards I don't see bed bugs anymore but I didn't sleep there any more. So glad I am moving out of this place. Oh, and I still saw roaches even after the spray. :( I think this building is a hub of these bugs.

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I moved in this apartment in the last year.I have notice bed bugs. they try to look after this problem. They have coackroched also. In the store I notice roches and they store their food and cook next to the store. storage room.If I was you go to another store not 75 Eastdale Avenue

Bedbugs reported upstairs, our floor is fine. Infested with cockroaches, however. The building hired an extermination company to spray. They show up hours late, ask you to leave the apartment and then leave themselves not a minute later. There's no smell, no residue and no dead roaches. I'm sure they got their paycheck, though.

lots and lots of roaches and bed bugs in this building

75 Eastdale
Has a bad infestation of bed bugs and cockroaches , Although they have taken preventive messagers to cobat the issue there us still a major problem

I'm surorised that this address doesn;t appear on the list

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