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Yes bed bugs are there, they have come three times so far, first time the management heat treated which killed the bugs right away, we did have to pack everything but it once treatment was done we were good, then a year later the bed bugs returned, this time the management decided to spray some powder, the infestation lasted two months and they had to spray 3 times to finally get rid of the bugs, you have to move every thing! the third time they came and same cycle was repeated. you can keep th

e home clean all you want, these bugs dont care.

also cockroaches come time to time, they building may take upto two weeks to spray;

The hallways stink as the management doesnt really want to clean up.

it will take you at least a month to get any repairs done if you are a gentleman, the only way to get a repair done fast is to open a work order and then call the city after 48 hours.

the parking is very dirty and your car will be fully covered in dust within 2-3 days.

the super does not give a crap any longer nor does the management.

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Moved in during the winter of 2013. Bedbug infestation six months later. I kept a clean home, but the space behind the old phone jack was filled with grime and filth (probably came in that way through the walls from the adjacent apartment). Circumstances allowed me to luck out on the extent of the infestation, but it still took management a week and a half to come spray, and they were more than willing to try to put the blame on me. I asked about this before I moved in, they said they had no

problems (notice however that there's always mattresses behind the building by the dumpsters...) Had to throw out good clothing, bedding, bed, live out of sealed garbage bags for close to a month. Moved out promptly.

Other than that, the buildings are generally filthy. The parking garage has never been swept, the carpets go months without being vacuumed, the "secure" doors are constantly broken and wide open, I've walked in on drug deals in the parking garage, management is apathetic and useless, and the place generally stank. No wonder there's bedbugs.


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I saw an advertisement about one unit in this building and went there to check it out. The room looked clean because it was empty, but I found one small insect crawling around the sink. I have never seen bedbugs, therefore, I didn't know what was that, but now I'm very sure that was a bedbug because that was absolutely the same as the picture at the upper left of this website. Thank you for saving my life.

Lot of breakages and breakings are happening in this place it's not good for live. no security all time front doors will be opened. if you inform management they are not ready to provide any security instead of that they are saying to leave.

My sister just moved in. She had asked prior to signing her lease about bedbugs. She was informed that they take precautions and are sprayed on a regular basis to avoid bedbugs. The first night in her new apartment she was horrified to see a bedbug infestation in one of the bedrooms. She contacted mgmt the next day. They arranged for the unit to be sprayed a few days later but the problem still persists.

We just moved in October 1st and had asked the rental offices if they had taken care of this issue, and they said yes. As of the 6th of october we have seen our first bed bug which was crawling on top of my sheet on my bed, and as of today have seen the second one crawling on my ceiling. Contacted management with no reply, however will keep posting details of the battle we now begin.

Lived here many, many years. All was well 'til Feb'10,had apt. sprayed, I thru out stuff (spent $1000s of my OWN money). They went away up 'til the NIGHTMARE emerged again Mar'11 and I'm still battling it as we speak. This had been and still is one of the most TRAUMATIC experiences of my life. This time however, I'm MOVING OUT!! If you plan to move here, be aware!

There are lot of bedbugs, cockroaches and its really stinks when you walk on the corridor. Especially 2nd floor is totally infected with bed bugs & cockroach.
My kid got rashes all over her body. It really dangerous if you have a kid to stay. I really regret for making a decision by staying in this apartment. Within 20 days i found a another tenant and moved out of this mess.

Stay away from this apartment. Rent might be less but you need to go through mental agaony. If you want to take ris

k all the best.

Cresent place is a worst place to live...

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I have recently moved and me and my family are suffering everyday the floor boards are covered with thier hiding places

I live in 7 crescent place, I found the bedbugs in my appartment's cupboard and inside the hole around the corner of the wall.

I complained to the management for bedbug spray, bedbug spray guys visited in the last week of Aug'09, however the spray does not work. I brought this to the management again, they send bedbug spray guys on Sep 12. The Bedbug spray was done two times, but bedbugs are still crawling in the bedroom and in the cupboard.

I spent full day with my friend and did spray b

y ourself and fond lots of bedbugs in the side tables and in the bed. We are still keeping an eye on the bedbug and doing spray on a regular basis.

I do not think the companies doing bedbug spray have qualified staff, they do nothing where to spray, they just spray on the air and asked to residents to leave the house for at least 4 hours. These comanies are just making money otherwise after two times spray I should not be able to see any one bedbug.


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I have been battling a small infestation for several monthes and have only located a a dosen actual insects and none on the matress or bed.

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