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Previously I reported having a bedbug issue here, about a year ago it suddenly disappeared (at least in my unit) we hadn't been treated in our particular unit for quite a while. But I'm happy to say I have not seen anything in at least the past year. I hope that was the last of it, because I truly love this building and location.

can somebody tell me the condition of this building now?
I am thinking of moving in here, but the thought of bedbugs terrifies me!
Any information would be greatly appreciated

This tenant probably didn't mention that he didn't pay rent for a long time, so he was evicted, also I've heard that he brings used clothes in and doesn't keep his apartment clean. I am living on the same floor, have been for a long time, and never had a problem. This management keeps the building well maintained, I know at one point there were some infested units on the second floor, but the problem was cleared. As we all know the tenants have to do a lot of preparations, heard that this man di

d not cooperate and kept canceling treatments.
I am happy to live in this building, the management is helpful and polite. Also I myself have put used furniture out for pick-up , not because if was infested, but because it was old and I bought new stuff.
I have friends in other building, those do not compare with this one's cleanliness and maintenance.
A happy tenant

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Jan 08, 2012
Reporting that there is still a bedbug issue here. Landlord spoke about someone who is suing the building because of the cleanliness and bedbug issues, and he said it as if he didn't know there was a problem and laughed it off. All I could think was, wake up! Bedbug problem here! Honestly, I would love to stay here, its a wonderful location, and the units are lovely, but you can only take to much of the paranoia caused by the bugs before you have to get out. Also I tried to co

ntact management.. and my email bounced back at least 5 times (full mailbox) Uh yea. If and until this gets cleaned up, beware.

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11/03/11 --
Have lived at this location for a few years, the bedbug problem is ridiculously bad. If you complain they send someone to come in and spray your unit but of course they are in the walls and just move from unit to unit. i really feel for the disabled that are in the building on a subsidy and may not have a choice. I really can't take much more of it. It seems to have gotten worse in the last few months.

Second Floor, Third Floor and Fourth Floor all infected.
Intermittent relief at best in this building.
Pest control people that are used are lazy and substandard
I live in fear of getting them again.

Very depressing for the elderly and disabled in this building.

This building will never be clean and free of these pests.

Situation continues and is in fact worst.

Bed bugs an on going problem. Found in elevators and laundry room. Lots of infested furntiure at side of building. None of it disposed in the proper way (covered). The problem justkeeps spreading.

Still an ongoing problem in the building.....I live in fear and spend all my free time cleaning steaming and vacuuming...........People moving in and out and lots of vacant units.

Problem seems to be everywhere.


This building is infested. The bed bugs move from unit to unit. The amount of bedding and furniture which is constantly stacked at the side of the building tells the whole story.

Its surrealistic, people pretend like there is no problem wont talk about it ..........and the problem gets worse.

Aside from all the new furntiure I have purchased I am paying for my own insecticide. I am so looking fro another place. I've noticed alot of new tenants- they dont know the cost and the hassle the

y are about to endure.

Good luck to them.......I cant wait to get out of here.

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The building is infested. Right now there are 6 matress sets, couple of armchairs 2 couches and tons of other stuff for pick up at the side of the building because it is full of bugs. The problem is throught out the whole building.

The second third and fourth floor are full of the problem. Someone on the 6th floor was sprayed 8 times officially and then had to pay out of pocket for more spraying (single mother).

No restitution of any kind -anything that tenants can do to deal with repal

cement costs?

This is a bad news place....management and super arent letting on the full extent of the problem. Finding out because I am asking others in the building-everyone has had then -if you are here long enough you get them again.

Wouldnt recommend this palce. Too bad one of the few places with apartments for disabled people.

Stay away

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This location has had a bed bug problem for at least 3 years. The landlord sprays only affected units and does not communicate with adjacent units to warn them of a problem. No education is occuring. There are disabled in the building and social asistance individuals who cannot afford vacuum cleaners or steamers nor do they uderstand how to prepare.

I have had them on and off for a couple of years. My feeling is that it is a loosing battle. Once a multi story multi unit becomes infected

its game over.

I amtired of living out of green garbage bags and washing or throwing out nearly everything I own. My asthma is worse and the cost for encasements etc is killing me.

The landlord DOES NOT DISCLOSE THE PROBLEM TO NEW TENANTS and is lax about evicting those who dont cooperate.

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