5 Massey Sq
Toronto, ON M4C

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June 30/2011
Our unit has been treated three times since May 2011 and we are still seeing live bugs and experiencing bites. We plan to treat again next week, but will caulk the baseboards first. We have been told by a member of the board of directors that there is a severe infestation in this building. Our treatment company has confirmed that they have treated other units in the building. We have seen at least one other pest control company vehicle in the parking lot.

Residents of this buil

ding may not be aware that the management company will pay for the first and possibly the second treatment.

We would like the management company to launch a responsible coordinated approach to eradicating bugs in this building. We suggest they contact the residents to offer education and assistance to anyone who thinks they may have bugs. Together we could eradicate this problem.

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