444 Lumsden Ave
Toronto, ON M4C

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I have lived here for three years and I have noticed a lot of bedbugs and when you ate dealing with a TCHC building that houses primarily previous homeless people and the mentally ill,getting raid of bedbugs is proving to be a nightmare as many people here don't report them ( they don't even keep their apartments in a liveable state! So why would they bother with bedbugs?! It's as if they are their best friends!) My mother herself is in denial of scope of the infestation! It was like pulling

teeth to get her to discard furniture and carpeting and the bed! She kept coming up with bandaid solutions and I have to keep at her to get the problem looked at. The management here has some lackadaisical pest control company to do the spraying and to get management o do anything is practically next to impossible. It is traumatic to have a pest eat at you and your kids to ruin your possessions. You go to bed scratching feeling as if things are constantly at you it is a nightmare. I rather live in my car than be around a pest like that. You want to get a blow torch just to get raid of them once and for all and I think that's what it comes down too because it doesn't matter what one does because if the entire building doesn't get hosed down with treatment it will keep reoccurring and especially when you have people who don't report bedbugs and keep bringing in used furniture or using moving services that have bedbugs Or even making sure bags from outside sources are free from these menacing pests!

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this building is disscusting. filthy with bed bugs and cockroachs to boot. i have been sprayed four times and i still have them, my neighbor as well. as when i got sprayed so did she. nothing seems to work, the pest company ripped all the lining off the bottom of my leather couch, which i might add, was very pricy. all of my inconvenice and still no peace of mind. sign me really pissed.

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Newspaper reports widespread infestation in this building. (I have no first-hand knowledge of the situation; article is here: http://www.yourhome.ca/homes/article/512276)

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