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I am planning to move here, any recent reports? The rental staff are amazing, and the apt I viewed looked well maintained and clean - no smells, no visible signs of any malice or treatments. I am very excited to have my own place, and hope I am not making a mistake >_<

I am one of the residents of 275 and I could not stand the bedbug. Is thre any thing we can do legally?


I am planning to move to one of the apartments in 275 Main St. Anyone living in this building advice me if I should move in this building or not? I have heard a lot of stories about bedbugs in this building. I am very scared and tensed!

I live in 275 Main square apartment building. Everything was fine for 3 weeks since I moved in, then I started seeing the bed bugs everywhere. It doesn't bite me but my wife and son suffered a lot. I went and complained to the rental office, but they accused me of bringing it to the apartment. Fair enough - I thought I might have brought it from TTC subway or from the rental truck which I used for moving in. I asked them what has to be done to get rid of it. The ladies at the rental office are v

ery very rude. They look and talk to you as if you are a criminal. Trust me I am not the only one being treated this way. I had to throw away all of my bedding and furniture etc. I just wanted to save my wife and son from this horror. The six weeks pest control spraying was done by an useless company who doesn't even spay the entire apartment. The bed bugs were still there even after their so called fumigation.

I went to the rental office but they were still blaming it on me. I told them we should stop playing this blame game and actually do something about it. The simple fact is THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THE TENANTS. All they want is monthly rent and you should never go to them with any issues and that is the reason they talk to you rudely so you don't go to them next time. Now the situation is under control after me spending 400$ and spraying the entire apartment with sprays from AETNA and Home hardware. I am waiting for the end of the contract and just run way from this bed bugs warehouse. After talking with the neighbors I found out that everybody in this floor had the same issue and they had to take care of it themselves. They are all waiting to move out as well.

I am writing this because there will be new tenants after us and they will undergo the same issue. If you read this please alert yourself or anybody who has plans of moving into Main Square Apartments in Danforth avenue.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns [email protected]

Thank you.

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I’m a current tenant of this building. I’ve been living here for three years now. During my three years at this address I’ve never seen a bedbug or cockroach in my apartment. I hear so many stories about tenants in this building having bugs. I’m very thankful that they don’t come into my apartment. I like living here and I especially like the awesome view of the lake.

I can speak from experience, if you are well prepared and follow instructions properly (steaming/vacuming etc) you can get rid of these pests!
One problem is that people cancel or refuse the treatment on the treatment day.
They are not prepared properly (perfering if only the bedrooms or living area is treated and not the whole apartment)
PROPER ERADICATION OF THESE PESTS REQUIRE PROPER TREATMENT - how can they guarantee results if only a percentage or fraction of the home is sprayed and peo

ple don't follow up and do their part?
People also have to STOP bringing furniture and clothing, toys etc to their apartments from the TRASH !

Bed bugs are a national problem - read the news please - be educated and follow instructions.

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This building complex is infested with bedbugs. It started last summer, we moved out. Realstar should be renamed to Realscum. The elevators are always broken and the management is totally incompetent and disrespectful to the tenants. Stay away from this building complex for your health and safety!

October last year. I was horrified and moved. Don't live here. I wish I'd read these reports before moving there ><

We discovered that we had bed bugs in early November of this year. The management was responsive and immediately scheduled 3 spray treatments beginning the following week. Both my partner and I work in housing and understand quite well how to prepare the unit for such a procedure, unfortunately we are still living with them after 8 treatments. After the next one, we will be moving out.

The management seems to only care about treating the unit itself and does not treat the surrounding units.

Also there appears to be a lack of preventative information for tenants and follow up procedures that leaves everyone in the building at risk

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if the tenants would stop picking up the used furniture and bedding from the garbage bins it wouldn't be so infested

October of 2010, my wife started breaking out in a strange rash. It was not unbearable but still quite annoying as it would itch and was visibly not appealing. Since then it only worsened, becoming incredibly itchy and bordering on disfiguring. Her doctor suspected bed bugs. I was skeptical as I was unaffected, plus we keep our unit very clean. But we examined our bed and sofa and of course, there they were. We were and still are INFESTED! We have no idea where they came from but fairly sure the

y came from within the building...our pest control guy told us he was treating 10 units last Thursday alone! He also said the entire building was infested. We began treatment just last Thursday as it took that long for us to realize we had them. Now it may be too late? They seem to be everywhere. The building's pest control person is not very helpful. He doesn't seem to speak/understand English very well and as such he can't answer my questions on how we can best cooperate with his treatment. Management is aloof and dismissive and seemingly unconcerned. We are actively looking for a new home as staying here is not an option. My sincere wish for you is do not move here if you can help it! I would not want my worst enemy to endure this nightmare.

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We have friends in that building! May I ask what floor you are on?

I currently have bed bugs in my unit. I am waiting for my 2nd treatment this week. THERE ARE BED BUGS HERE! And management seems to bat an eye about it.

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