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Hi, We moved in on 2nd November here and found tens of bed bugs on that evening in open eyes, they were climbing up the wall from closets and cracks on the wall. The management brought pest control once and also took preventive actions, but with no improvements. The situation is horrible, we havent unpacked our boxes in the last 15 days and have no idea what to do now. My wife is pregnant which is making things even worse. Every time the pest control company comes, they give a certificate that t

here is no evidence of bed bugs, but we find bedbugs within next 2 days. We also sealed the cracks by caulking by ourselves, still its not helping. Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

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Update to anonymous post, 2011: we're being treated tomorrow. I can tell from thorough inspection that there's nothing in the bedroom and no real infestation here YET; they're migrating in from somewhere near our unit, meaning someone around me has them badly and they're moving around. I have no idea if that unit is being treated, too - I know management had two dates scheduled when I went downstairs to request treatment - but if they're not, I'm kinda ticked off, since it's affecting other p


As a side note, it probabloy doesn't help that this building has no storage lockers; no wonder we're getting cluttered units that attract them!

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As the chairperson for the Tenants' Association, here at 2 Secord Avenue, I feel it is critical to comment on the latest anonymous post regarding bedbugs, dated March 7, 2011.

I would urge this tenant, or any tenant who thinks they have bedbugs, to contact the association through our website: www.2secordtenants.com so that we can assist you in working with management and/or public health to locate the source of your bed bug issue.

Last year a comprehensive survey of the units in the build

ing led to an apartment with a massive infestation from which radiated other effected units from the 6th floor through 12th floors.

Management, after the Association's demands and us bringing in Public Health, did in fact work with the source apartment residents and public health to rid them of the bed bugs, and the other units in the building that came forward to complain. All units where bedbugs were an issue were treated.

The Rental Tenancies Act states that pest and vermin etc., control and eradication is the responsibility of the landlord. The landlord/superintendent can NOT tell you that you must take care of it yourself. We recommend filling out a work order requesting bedbug inspection and treatment if your unit does have them. The cost of inspection and treatment is the responsibility of the landlord. Additionally, it is necessary to have a minimum of 2 sprayings, the second about 14 days after the first in order to kill the babies, as the spray does not effect the eggs. If the landlord/super refuses, you should call Public Health immediately, and tell the super you are going to call Public Health. Treatment is expensive and often management tells you it is your responsibility so they don't have to pay.

Home sprays are NOT recommended as they often do not work, and the correct preparations are not taken, so the bedbugs that for example, reside in your clothes closet are not effected by spraying just the bed. Preparation is critical to ridding your unit of the bedbugs. In order for spraying to be successful, the preparations must be made, and the second spraying MUST be done, or else they will come back as the eggs hatch.

This is the first tenant this year to complain of them. I urge them to demand spray treatment from management.

We will also, as an association increase our efforts to provide bedbug information and offer assistance to our members.

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I've lived in the building for 19 months now. When I first heard of the outbreaks in Toronto, I began a thorough inspection of my apartment and also became proactive and purchased mattress and pillow covers, as well as sticky traps for monitoring and spraying weekly along baseboards etc. At the time they were going unit to unit to inspect, I was not well and my fiance was sleeping days and exhausted; since everything looked fine, I declined.

Well, about six months ago, I began finding bites

. Lucky me, I'm allergic to them, so they're excruciatingly itchy for days. The most I've had at once was only 12, which I consider fortunate, compared to some. After more vigorous stepping up of my spraying etc., as well as washing all of our clothes and linens in hot water, it stopped for about two months.

Our bedroom seems clear now; however, thanks to my kitten, I've found that they're coming in from a baseboard in the living room and have made a habit of loitering in one of our couches. My fiance never has noticed bites; he has caught three bugs crawling around him, though. I'm still bitten weekly, despite my best efforts. I already suffer anxiety issues, and now, I seldom sleep, constantly feel my skin crawling, and can't sit still, for fear of the bugs finding me. Every time I wake up bitten, I cry and panic. I refuse to have company over anymore. I haven't told anyone yet, but I'm at the point where I've admitted defeat, and am calling our tenant association and Toronto Public Health for assistance.

The building is overall a good one, and at this point, how can you avoid the stupid bugs in this city anymore? That said, they're definitely here and still active, even after the fumigations in late fall. Move in at your own risk.

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2 Secord Ave. does indeed have bedbugs.

That being said, not ALL units are effected and management is working to solve the problem, As chairperson of the 2 Secord Tenants' Association we have been working to inform tenants about bedbugs, to encourage tenants to report bedbugs, and requested Toronto Public Health to oversee the pest control done within the building. We are all working together to solve the problem.

Management has been willing to cooperate and asked for consent from every te

nant to have the pest control company come and inspect for bedbugs in order to know which units are the problems and begin spraying to get rid of them.

The Association is also looking at providing ongoing bedbug information for tenants on what to do if you have them, what to do to prevent getting them etc.

It is believed that in our building the infestation was caused by one or two particular units due to uncontrolled clutter and hoarding, and it is our understanding that those tenants have received the necessary assistance to de-clutter and have been helped by Toronto Public Health to get the pest control treatment after being threatened with eviction.

We try to ensure that tenants who have bedbugs or fear they might have them come forward and report them to management, and/or Toronto Public Health. Nothing can be done about them unless they are reported. Remember, you can NOT be evicted for reporting you have bedbugs, and it is the LANDLORD's responsibility to pay for the cost of fumigation. Also, remember the PREPARATION for the fumigation is critical to do and it is the responsibility of the TENANT to ensure the preparation is done - sometimes this means there is a cost involved, and the TENANT is responsible for that cost of preparation. (like laundering all clothes, linens, towels, etc)

Tenants also need to be responsible if they have bedbugs - in the manner in which they dispose of household items, ensuring that beds, furniture, linens etc., are wrapped in plastic (to prevent bedbugs from dropping off in hallways while moving the items) and taken OUTSIDE (not left in the hallways by elevators-which happens frequently). Mattresses and sofas and chairs should be defaced or cut so to discourage others form taking them from the garbage. Spray paint "bedbugs" on mattresses etc.

Tenants who like to recycle used furniture should also think TWICE before rummaging through the garbage for that "great piece of furniture". It won't be so "great" in a couple months when the eggs hatch! It's in the garbage for a reason. LEAVE IT THERE.

If you have them and think that the solution is moving out, you're mistaken - you will simply transport them to your new apartment and that is not the solution - in fact it is part of the problem. Get treatment for them and ensure you no longer have them, then move. Do NOT move while you still have them.

If you live at 2 Secord and have bedbugs, please report them so you can get fumigated. If you are thinking of moving in, be cautious.

Consider moving in a few months. They are currently treating all known cases of bedbugs in the building. That can take several months to complete.

If you want more information, or wish to contact the 2 Secord Tenants' Association, email us at: [email protected]

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this building has a issue with bed bugs, at least 2 floors have some kind of infestation.Ive pretty much done everything you can think of to get rid of them, and for me the bugs are gone but all my neighbours are still getting them.Its only a matter of time they will try to come back.In the meantime ive contact Toronto Health,because living with bed bugs for anyone causes a health hazard.Im in the process of getting the tenant board involve to make sure the whole building is not infested with be

d bugs. BUT there is always a BUT. A LOT of tenants keep it hush hush and this is not something to keep to yourself. IF you have bed bugs you gotta say so otherwise they will never go away. My next step is posting posters in the building of a picture of a bed bug with toronto health phone # along with this site.People need to be aware that this bug is evil and will never leave us alone if we dont say anything about it.

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I moved here a few months ago into a clean also brand new apartment. I’ve noticed the bed buys for almost one month now and I have to get them to come in for a second time in less than a month threw out my couch after the first time and noticed a few mattresses in the garbage, so I figured I wasn’t the only one.

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