195 Barrington Ave
Toronto, ON M4C

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I lived at this building for 3 years on the 17th floor. Last year I lost everything. IM FURIOUS that I was not advised prior to moving in. I know as well of 2 units on the 18th floor as well that were infested. I have moved only to find out that this is a city wide epidemic and there is no compensation for the tenents. I believe it should be the legal responsibility of the Rental Management to rightfully inform the Rental applicants of investations before they sign their leases. Looking back in

retrospective all the hallways in this building are carpeted. What's the use of consistantly treating the single units and not the hallways where there obviously active as well. Keeping in mind this was a pet friendly building I believe that increases the chances of cross contamination. In addition, consistant spraying of these chemicals surely must raise health concerns for the tenents that still reside there. I have been traumatized by this experience and losing all of my personal belonging that I've worked so hard for has been painstaking.

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Since September, 2010 - Bedbugs have been reported in four apartments on the south edge of the building, top floors. Tenants are working to eradicate them still, unable to confirm if management is assisting.

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