111 Coleman Ave
Toronto, ON M4C

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I am an international student and I've been living in this house since August. The claim that there are bedbugs is nothing but ridiculous.
Every student here is treated in a good way and everyone is happy with their rooms.
It is very sad to know that someone obviously tries to harm this family, because they definitely don't deserve it. The fact that the person who complained about this homestay hides his / her identity behind the term ' Anonymous ', is just another report of his or her menta

l immaturity and a real evidence of incapacity.

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To whom it may concern, I am writing in regards to the post written on 111 Coleman Avenue. We would like to dispute this post as the accusation is erroneous and we would like it to be taken down immediately. The person who wrote about the the residency home has been holding a huge grudge in family living there. We do not appreciate such blasphemous comment. And we hope that proper measures will be taken to erase the post. We have tried numerous attempts via email for the post to be taken down im

mediately but the email provided ([email protected]) does not exist, as indicated message has failed to send.

We would like the post to be taken down immediately or proper measures will be address to further investigate this incident.

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I've lived there for a few months and noticed the presence of bedbugs in the house. Fortunately, I was moving soon. This is a homestay for international students. No heating in the bedroom and bedbugs. Think before you rent a room there.

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