106 Goodwood Park Ct
Toronto, ON M4C

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Loud bangs at night , people yelling swear words in the hall ways during the day,One guy threatened to punch another guy right in front of me in the lobby of the building , dog shit all over the property, plus coachroaches , people selling crack in the stair wells at night, letting in crackheads during the night.

This building is to much.

I seem to have to ask to get sprayed for roaches every few months!
I'd do it weekly, BUT it is so much of a hassle cleaning out cupboards.
I threw out my mattress because of a bedbug scare!!
Now after living here for years, I'm FED UP.
It's tough to contact the office, because they don't understand or speak English at all.

I have lived at this building for 2 yrs & can't wait to get out! From the day I moved in have seen roaches everywhere! They are in all common areas (lobby, hallway & stairwells) MetCap Living is the worst landlord in Toronto. Building maitenence is very low, there is always piss in the stairwells & it smells terrible. Our unit was sprayed & we are very clean, however still continue to experience problems. When manangement was confronted they were extremely rude about it & tried to blame us for i

t. Do not move into these buildings unless you want the same troubles.

see full report...

If you are thinking on rent here, Don't do it!This building stinks, its full of roaches, bedbugs, and dirty, always the hallways smell terrible, noisy neighbours, I hate this building I'm going to move this mont from this hell...the only nice thing is the green park in the front of the metcap buildings.

Although my home does not have bedbugs, we were required to do a spraying in my unit. That obviously means the building itself has bed bugs.

Stay away from this building and Metcap Living, the bed bugs are the least of the problems around here.

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