1 Massey Sq
Toronto, ON M4C

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I live in 1 Massey square 16xx in crescent town, and I hate bed bugs. I didn't know what happened to get this. I looked at the site and i am stunned. Basically i was getting bites and i didn't even know it. It started as random bites which i mistaken for some random rash. it kept getting worse and it different parts of my body. It itches like mad!!. I came to the conclusion when my girlfriend came over and she got a rash, that looked similar to my own. That's when i realized that i have BED Bugs

!!. The nightmare of it, i sprayed my place 3 times spaced 2 weeks apart and still no relief as of yet.

My advice to you spend the money for a pest control exterminator that will vacuum, steam and spray your bed. I recommend getting the hand held shark steam and refresh garment steamer. it helps and yes it is hot enough to kill baby bed bug nymphs/babies. so i use it to steam my bed and clothes. i will let you know soon what happens. but considering how my whole area is affected i dont know what i can do about it. please help yourself and do what you can to fix your bed bug problem. don't be cheap about it!!

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